• Annie & Ben - Ice cream Song

  • HooplaKidz - 12 Days of Christmas

  • Annie & Ben - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Annie, Ben and Mango are relaxed and singing the famous Twinkle Twinkle while Annie plays the guitar! They slowly move into their little house and doze off to sleep in their cozy setting! Sounds fun right? Let's join them right away!

  • Annie & Ben - I'm a little snowman

    What is Christmas all about? Santa, gifts and fun family! But let's not forget our little Snowman! Mango is building a snowman, and suddenly it comes to life and begins to sing! Can you guess which song? Let's watch to find out!

  • HooplakKidz - Wheels On The Bus

    As the wheels of the bus go round and round, the fun gets more all through the town! Join Annie sing this classic nursery rhyme by HooplaKidz and learn all about the different sounds inside the yellow bus, that takes you around the city, all day long.

  • Three Little Kittens And More Number Songs For Children

    Movie + 3 extras

    Watch the cute Animals and learn the sounds they make in this Nursery Rhymes collection by KidsCamp.

  • Rhyme Time For Kids
    Movie + 3 extras

    Rhyme Time For Kids

    Movie + 3 extras

    There is a rhyme for every mood of your toddler here! Make bath time a fun routine with the Bath Time nursery rhyme, jump in with Annie, who takes you around town for a good time with everyone's favorite - Wheels On The Bus! That's not it, your toddler will love counting with the Five Little Duck...

  • Sing Along to your Favorite Tunes

    Movie + 3 extras

    It's the classic children's nursery rhyme The Wheels on the Bus. Get the whole family together and dance along with HooplaKidz as we explore the town! Come on ride the bus with us! The wheels on the bus go round and round..... 🎶🚌

  • KidsCamp - Sounds Of The Animals

    Movie + 2 extras

    There is a lot that you could learn about the animal with the help of their sound. Curious? Let’s get started right away!

  • Teehee Town : Nursery Rhymes

    1 season

    Join Len and Mini go around the town singing your favorite Nursery Rhymes in this super exciting series of kids songs by Teehee Town.

  • All Babies Favorite Songs


    Tim, Leo, Pego, and Elphie are super excited to take you with them on a musical trip to the farm to meet Bingo, the five little ducks and more fun characters! Are you ready for this fun ride?

  • A Fun Bus Ride

    1 season

    Isn't a bus ride always fun? Especially when it has your favorite characters singing your favorite songs! Listen to this fun collection of kids Nursery Rhymes that will leave you tapping your feet. 

  • HooplaKidz - Let's Make New Friends

    Movie + 2 extras

    It's Summer! The perfect time to make some new friends, whether with people, animals or characters from our wild imagination. Here is a collection of nursery rhymes and songs that will open up every kid's mind to new experiences with songs like Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Learn Colors With Underwat...

  • Nursery Rhyme Time - Part 1

    Movie + 4 extras

    HooplaKidz presents popular nursery rhymes which will help children learn and have fun at the same time. This album features the cutest and coolest characters Annie, Ben and Mango dancing to catchy tunes at charming locations Be a part of our HooplaKidz family for fun learning and enjoyable activ...

  • Original Kids Songs
    Movie + 4 extras

    Original Kids Songs

    Movie + 4 extras

    Here are the Super Cute Original Songs for Kids! Sing out loud the Ice Cream Song, the School Bus Song and many more cute HooplaKidz Songs.

  • Favorite Nursery Rhymes

    Movie + 4 extras

    Sing along to your favorite nursery rhymes of all time! The kids and you are in for a treat, as HooplaKidz brings to you some of the most popular nursery rhymes in this ultimate collection. Enjoy songs that have been sung for years like ‘Jack And Jill’, ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and lots more! These songs ...

  • Pajama Party

    1 season

    Annie, Ben, and Mango are all set for a Pajama Party! Join them and sing some fun classic Nursery Rhymes that will brighten up your day in an exciting way!

  • Teehee Town - Let's Have Fun While We Learn

    Movie + 3 extras

    Learning is faster only if it's fun! And our smart Len and Mini understand that so very well. Join them as they learn about the morning routine, continents, numbers and so much more!

  • Most Loved Baby Songs at Kidscamp

    Movie + 2 extras

    Elly brings to you her version of your most favorite and classic nursery rhymes in her interesting costumes and cute voice! We know you want to listen to it already! So let's get started.

  • Humpty Dumpty And More Fun Kids Songs by Hello Hippo

    Movie + 2 extras

    Hello says Hello Kids! Meet Hello, the Hippo and his best friend Hippie! Together they love to sing and dance to the most loved nursery rhymes for children like Humpty Dumpty, Finger Family, Bingo Song and more! So don't be shy to sing-a-long and remember to be Happy!

  • Let Us Go Out to Play And Have Fun!

    Movie + 2 extras

    Hippo and Hippie are off on their boat ride amidst the waters to catch some fish and have a lot of fun! Learn all about them with interesting riddles just by hitting play!

  • Johny Johny Yes Papa Eating Sugar - Part 1

    Movie + 1 extra

    Did you hear about Johny and his Papa? Well, you’ll get to meet them now as they sing the popular ‘Johny Johny’ in an exciting way along with more interesting Nursery Rhymes such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ ‘Rig a Jig Jig’ and ‘The Animal Fair’.