World of Kids Camp

World of Kids Camp

4 Seasons

Join Elly and Eva as they sing classic Nursery Rhymes such as Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and learn new things with new adventures! Sounds fun right? Hit play and join the fun!

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World of Kids Camp
  • Word Wheel

    Episode 1

    Who likes to learn new words? Elly and Eva and yes, all the children of the world! Let us match the letters to the letters on the wheel and make the right combination of words. The best part is: There are clues! So let's get started and spin the word wheel!

  • Counting Farm Animals

    Episode 2

    Learning Numbers is so much fun with Elly and Eva! Let us come together and count the farm animals and learn numbers for kids and children with KidsCamp!

  • Unscramble The Words

    Episode 3

    Let's learn spellings of words the fun way in this thoughtful video. Join Elly and improve your child's spelling and confidence and make learning spellings fun.

  • Learn Shapes With Food

    Episode 4

    Every kid loves a learning activity that they can eat! Perfect for preschoolers who are learning shapes, let's do a fun activity of sorting shapes with food with Elly and Eva!

  • Spot The Object -2

    Episode 5

    Hidden Objects for the kids of preschool and toddlers is a funny game which helps kids to improve the capability of their identification skills. Let's join Elly and find some!

  • Find The Objects -1

    Episode 6

    How good are you at finding hidden objects? Let's join Elly and spot the objects as you take your chances finding the right one and challenge your skills like never before.

  • Learn Opposites

    Episode 7

    Opposites help children to learn how to describe different things through comparison. Let's join Elly and learn opposites and remember the words in pairs.

  • Summer Fruit Coolers

    Episode 8

    It gets really hot in the summers, but what better way than to cool ourselves with the most refreshing fruit coolers and smoothies! That is right! Let us learn colors and the names of the fruits with Elly. Beat the heat and learn as you have fun!

  • Jelly Bean Pick Up

    Episode 9

    Everyone loves Jelly Beans! So does Elly! It is time we sort them according to their colors and place them in the right labeled bucket. Learning to sort by colors is so easy with Elly.

  • Find The Matching Pair

    Episode 10

    This fun game will help kids learn to find the matching pair! Patterns, colors, and shapes, this game teaches you all! Let us find the matching pair with Elly and learn as we have fun doing so! Kids will love this!

  • Learn Verbs

    Episode 11

    A verb is an action word! There are plenty of verbs and action words that children can learn! Let's join Elly and Eva and learn all about how we can use them.

  • Kitten Morning Routine

    Episode 12

    What's a Healthy Morning Routine? Well, this time check out what is a kitten's morning routine. We promise it'll be fun!