World of Kids Camp

World of Kids Camp

4 Seasons

Join Elly and Eva as they sing classic Nursery Rhymes such as Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and learn new things with new adventures! Sounds fun right? Hit play and join the fun!

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World of Kids Camp
  • Big and Small

    Episode 1

    Teach kids different sizes from smallest to biggest in the most interactive and entertaining way with this fun Kidscamp video with Elly. From donuts, cupcakes to cookies, learning with food is so much fun.

  • Learn Seasons

    Episode 2

    Learning the seasons is a great opportunity to start teaching children about time and teaches them about change. It's a great learning tool for young children. Let's join Elly and find out what to wear in which season!

  • Build a House

    Episode 3

    Building a house from scratch is a fun activity. Let's join Elly and learn with her parts of the houses that are needed which helps build a beautiful house!

  • Number Maze

    Episode 4

    Elly needs to reach the ice cream, all she has to do is count from One to Ten and follow the tiles accordingly! Will you help her get through the number maze? It is so easy and so much fun! Let's get started and count right away!

  • Match The Vehicles With The Occupation

    Episode 5

    What vehicles does a Doctor use? What vehicle does a Farmer use? And drives a Police Car? Let us match the vehicles to their occupations and learn with Elly as we have so much fun at KidsCamp!

  • Fruit Maze

    Episode 6

    Elly needs to collect all the fruits in her basket and then learn their names, check out the amazing fruit maze as her cart finds its way through different houses, knocks at doors and collects yummy fruits. Get started with Elly and learn our Fruits!

  • Find These Objects And Clean The Room

    Episode 7

    It is time to clean our room, find the objects and keep them in their right places! Let us do that with Eva and learn how to clean our room. Elly helps us to learn so many things at KidsCamp. Watch the video and learn with her, while you have fun!

  • Learn Preposition

    Episode 8

    Elly's cat is missing. Where could she be? Is she in the box, behind it or under her bed? Learn Prepositions and as Elly helps Eva understand where their cat is! Learning is always fun at KidsCamp with Elly and Eva.

  • Find The Colors

    Episode 9

    Elly's room has a lot of objects all over the place but she sure knows how to make cleaning seem great fun! Lets clean the room as we find the objects of various colors and place them correctly in the bins! Let's get started and learn colors while we clean our room with Elly!

  • Hot & Cold

    Episode 10

    What objects are hot? And which ones are cold? This video will help kids to sort and find the difference between the objects that are hot and cold For example: Fire is hot and ice is cold, let us learn about some more with Elly. Sort the Hot and Cold and have lots of fun while we learn.