World of Kids Camp

World of Kids Camp

4 Seasons

Join Elly and Eva as they sing classic Nursery Rhymes such as Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and learn new things with new adventures! Sounds fun right? Hit play and join the fun!

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World of Kids Camp
  • KidsCamp - Lets Bake A Cake & Count

    Episode 1

    Kids love cakes and want to bake them too! What better way than baking and learning numbers in a fun way! Join Elly and lets bake a cake and learn our numbers 1 to 5 at this birthday party! Here we go!

  • KidsCamp - Transport Puzzle

    Episode 2

    What's the best way to build logic skills and help them recognize shapes and patterns? Let's play with Elly and Eva and play this favourite jigsaw puzzle game!

  • KidsCamp - Spot The Difference

    Episode 3

    Spot the difference is a fun game that helps your child to concentrate, think, and learn to notice detail. Join Elly as and try for yourself and see how many differences you can find.

  • KidsCamp - Spot The Difference

    Episode 4

    Can you spot the difference. Join Elly & Eva and find out the differences between two otherwise similar images and lets challenge our brain to find differences that we ordinarily overlook

  • KidsCamp - Find The Missing Piece Of The Picture

    Episode 5

    Lets join Elly in this fun challenge and find the hidden piece of this picture and complete the frames of a penguin, a snail, ducks and Elly herself.

  • KidsCamp - Spot The Odd One Out

    Episode 6

    Can you spot the odd one out? Let's join Elly and learn with her in this fun video by picking out the odd one out from this group of similar looking objects.

  • KidsCamp - Five Cute Fruits Simple Maths

    Episode 7

    Teaching maths begin with knowing numbers. So come lets learn with Elly and the 5 cute fruits in this fun video and make learning math fun and engaging!

  • KidsCamp - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Learn Vehicles

    Episode 8

    Elly and Eva are having a fun night out spending some peaceful time under the stars. Let's join and learn with them the names of vehicles while creating them with twinkling stars.

  • KidsCamp - Match The Cards With Elly

    Episode 9

    Matching cards is an interesting Fun Memory Game to play and to improve kids memory. Join Elly and Eva and learn with them. Let find out how many cards do you recall