World of Kids Camp

World of Kids Camp

24 Episodes

Join Elly and Eva as they sing classic Nursery Rhymes such as Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and learn new things with new adventures! Sounds fun right? Hit play and join the fun!

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World of Kids Camp
  • KidsCamp - Colored Fruits & Ice Cream Popsicle Cart With Elly

    Episode 1

    Learn the color of fruits and ice cream popsicles in this fun video with Elly only by Kidscamp

  • KidsCamp - Get Ready for Halloween

    Episode 2

    Elly, Eva and her friends are super excited and are marching their way into the Haunted Mansion. They then dress up in their Halloween costumes! Oh and it looks like they're going to have so much fun! Hit play and join them right away!

  • KidsCamp - Keep Our Enviornment Clean With Elly

    Episode 3

    Learn how to keep your environment clean with Elly as she walks the down the street.

  • KidsCamp - Brush Your Teeth

    Episode 4

    This cute little kitten is here to make your mornings brighter! Find out all about his morning routine in this fun learning video.

  • KidsCamp - Learn Colors With Elly Finger Family

    Episode 5

    Elly is super excited to introduce you to the different colors and teach you all about them. Are you ready?

  • KidsCamp - Learn Colors With Halloween With Elly Face

    Episode 6

    Watch Elly get ready for Halloween and paint her face as she learns colors! Spooky!

  • KidsCamp - Learn Shapes With Elly's Nursery Rhymes

    Episode 7

    Our fun little Elly is about to explore shapes with the popular Nursery Rhymes. From Twinkle Twinkle to Wheels on the Bus, learn all about them whilst learning shapes.

  • KidsCamp - Learn With The Surprise Balls Dancing Machine With Elly

    Episode 8

    Are you ready to spin the dancing wheel of surprises? Elly surely is! When the wheel stops, every ball has fun surprises for you! Aren't you curious? Hit play to find out!

  • KidsCamp - Let's Make A Donut With Elly

    Episode 9

    Eva was sad and in the mood for some yummy donuts. Watch and find out how Elly made mouth watering donuts for her little sister, and you too will feel like having some.

  • KidsCamp - Match The Cards With Elly

    Episode 10

    Elly playes a memory game with the help of surprise Cards

  • KidsCamp - The Odd One Out

    Episode 11

    Can you help Elly spot the odd one out? Together it will be easy and fun to solve. So hurry and get to learning with Elly.

  • KidsCamp - Treasure Hunt With Elly

    Episode 12

    Elly is on a treasure hunt, and she has a map, will you help her find the treasure!?

  • KidsCamp - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Episode 13

    To the sound of the soothing and peaceful Twinkle Twinkle guess and learn the names of fruits with Elly and Eva.

  • KidsCamp - Up And Down With Elly And Eva

    Episode 14

    Elly and Eva learn about going Up and Down the stairs, and just when they've started to have fun, someone left a gift box at their door. Can you guess what's in it? Learn what is Open, close, Up, Down and the different colors in this fun interactive video from Kids Camp.

  • KidsCamp - Vehicles Take Us Everywhere With Elly

    Episode 15

    Elly talks about vehicles and which transportation she uses to reach which place.

  • KidsCamp - Wheels On The Bus Painting

    Episode 16

    Join Elly in this fun version of Wheels on the Bus, all through the color town! From the round wheels to the big door, all are in a color that you will love and learn! So let's get started!

  • KidsCamp - Who Am I

    Episode 17

    Every profession has a costume, and with that costume comes a pretty Hat! Elly dresses up in these fancy costumes and even educates us all about it. Interesting right? Hit play and learn all about being a Cow Girl, Clown, Magician, Witch and a Chef.

  • KidsCamp - Let's Sing ABC With Elly and Eva

    Episode 18

    Do you know your ABC's? Join Elly and Eva as they learn the alphabets in this fun ABC Song.

  • KidsCamp - It's Good To Play Song with Elly & Eva

    Episode 19

    Let the Children Play, It's Good for Them! Join Elly and Eva as they sing along the 'It's Good to Play Song' Sing out loud and say HURRAY!!!

  • KidsCamp - Let us Make Funny Faces With Elly and Eva

    Episode 20

    Let's join Elly & Eva in the Funny Faces activity for kids and then sing the Funny Faces song !

  • KidsCamp - Clean Up the Trash Song

    Episode 21

    Elly is walking down the street and spots trash cans, so she strats cleaning up! Join elly as she loves to Clean and sing this fun song

  • KidsCamp - Eva Eva Yes Elly Sports Song

    Episode 22

    Eva loves to play video games, but Elly has a better plan for her. They play different outdoor games and find out it is so much fun! So join them and sing along

  • KidsCamp - Doctor Song With Elly and Eva

    Episode 23

    Eva is not feeling so good, so Elly helps her get well soon, by helping her to go to a Doctor

  • KidsCamp - Bake a Cake Song

    Episode 24

    It is time to bake a cake, 1,2, lets get ready and started. It's super fun to sing out loud with Elly and Eva!