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Movie Of The Day - Musical At The Farm

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Movie of the Day - Spooky Night at Teehee Town

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  • Movie Of The Day - Musical At The Farm

    Our cute furry friends are here to join Annie, and sing some of their favorite tunes as they put on a Musical At The Farm for all of us! Sing-a-long to these peppy songs and join in the fun!

  • Movie Of The Day - It's Good Play

    What's the secret to a happy day? Well, lots and lots of playtime! Kent and Luke on an exciting trip to a fair, where they play, sing, dance around and have fun all day! Don't you want to join them? Let's get started!

  • Movies Of The Day - Craziness With Cars

    Who said only kids are naughty, these five little buses couldn't get enough of jumping on the roads! Well, they bumped their heads, and were taken to the Doctor. Can you guess what did the doctor say? Let's find out!