BABYSITTER (100 Videos)

  • Movie of the Day - Spooky Night at Teehee Town

    It's a spooky night in Teehee Town when Humpty the Pumpkin has a great fall. Watch this Halloween twist of the beloved nursery rhyme and see who comes to put Humpty Grumpty back together!

  • Movie Of The Day - Musical At The Farm

    Our cute furry friends are here to join Annie, and sing some of their favorite tunes as they put on a Musical At The Farm for all of us! Sing-a-long to these peppy songs and join in the fun!

  • Movie Of The Day - It's Good Play

    What's the secret to a happy day? Well, lots and lots of playtime! Kent and Luke on an exciting trip to a fair, where they play, sing, dance around and have fun all day! Don't you want to join them? Let's get started!

  • Movies Of The Day - Craziness With Cars

    Who said only kids are naughty, these five little buses couldn't get enough of jumping on the roads! Well, they bumped their heads, and were taken to the Doctor. Can you guess what did the doctor say? Let's find out!

  • Movie Of The Day - Fruit For Thought

    Do you kids know all about healthy fruits? What are these bright colors on the fruits? Derrick and Debbie are flying around, learning all about them. Don't you want to join them?

  • Movie Of The Day - Stargazing With Mango

  • Movie Of The Day - Spider Shenanigans

    Have you met these five funny spiders that kept crawling up the web. But one by one, they kept falling off and bumped their heads. Their worried Daddy called up the Doctor. Did these spiders recover? Let's hit play, to find out.

  • Movie Of The Day - Healthy Habits With Annie, Ben & Mango

    Annie, Ben and Mango have been working hard to maintain hygiene and practice healthy eating habits. Do you know why? Because health is wealth! Don't you want to join them to get wiser, healthier and happier? Let's hit play!

  • Movie Of The Day - Five Cute Fruits

    We all know fruits are healthy for us but in this cute song our fruit friends teach us a new lesson! Not to jump on the bed or you will get hurt! Let's sing-a-long to this cute kids songs and many more on HooplaKidz Plus!

  • Movie Of The Day - Pin Pon The Puppet

  • Movie Of The Day - Johny Johny Yes Mama

    Jackie and Johny don't have a sweet tooth, but sweet teeth! They steal away sugar, candies, cookies, and cake right from under their parents' nose! Do they get caught? Let's find out!

  • Movie of the Day - Stay Active with Elly & Eva

  • Movie Of The Day - ABC with Derrick and Debbie

    Learning must never stop, even after school! Let's attend Derrick & Debbie's class, where they're going to teach us the alphabet, fingers, parts of the body, and more exciting things in a fun manner. So let's hit play?

  • Movie Of The Day - Merry Mornings with Tim, Leo & Kent

    Make mornings merry with Tim, Luke, Kent, Mumu, and some peppy songs like the Morning Routine song! Learn how to brush your teeth, comb your hair, and wash your hands in a fun and musical way! Let's hit play!

  • Movie Of The Day - Mango's Obstacle Race

    Help Mango get the right answers on his journey through the forest so that he can finally reach the Golden Banana he so deserves! Let's learn something new and teach it to our friends too!

  • Movie Of The Day - Missing In The Jungle

    Do you know all about animals? The mighty lion, the huge elephant, the cute hippopotamus, and many more! Let's join Annie, Ben, and Mango on their trip to the Jungle and explore all the animals, in this fun Jungle song. 

  • Move of the Day - Picnic Time with Elly and Eva

    A sandwich is not only delicious but healthy, easy and a perfect treat to relish on a picnic! Elly and Eva are on a Picnic and have some great company which some mouth-watering sandwiches. Do you know what's in their Sandwich? Let's find out! 

  • Move Of The Day - The Little Sailboat

    Sometimes its okay to not be able to do something at the first go. We can always learn, and practice all the way to perfection, just like our little sailboat, who didn't know how to sail! But along with Kent and Mumu, this cute little sailboat managed to sail, oh he sailed well!  It's a fun and i...

  • Movie Of The Day - A Trip To Fantasy Town with Len & Mini

    You must have been to a fun fair in the city, but have you been to a spooky fair? Does it even exist? Well, Len and Mini are off to one such exciting fair. Don’t you want to join them and find out?

  • Movie Of The Day - Panda Family Fun

    The best part about our family is all the fun we can have with them! Join the super cute Panda and his fun Family on the farm! What are they doing? Well, hit play to find out!

  • Movie Of The Day - It's Good To Be Kind

    Kindness is a virtue, and we'll find umpteen opportunities to be kind and spread some sunshine. We could help a poor, be nice to a friend, keep mother earth clean, be kind to animals and so on! Join Annie, Ben, and Mango be kind, in this super fun song!

  • Movie Of The Day - Let's Get Into Shape with Kent

  • Movie Of The Day - It's Time For A Scrub

    Bathing is important to maintain hygiene, and guess what? You can have fun at it too! Join Annie, Ben, and Mango as they sing the exciting Bath Song. Let's hit play and sing along!

  • Movie Of The Day - Beat The Heat with Mango

    All of us love ice cream, don't we? But Mango loves ice-cream a tad bit more than all of us! He can never stop thinking about it! Let's join him in his fun world as he beats the heat with some yummy ice-cream! Let's hit play!