The Adventures Of Annie & Ben

The Adventures Of Annie & Ben

2 Seasons

We know you love to be a part of all the adventures of Annie & Ben, so join them while they solve mysteries, explore treasures, travel to different cities and more.

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The Adventures Of Annie & Ben
  • Transylvania

    Episode 1

    Annie, Ben, and Mango visit an old castle in Transylvania and wind up at a monster party.

  • Snow Yeti Is Allowed

    Episode 2

    While snowboarding in the Himalayas of Kashmir, the three Globetrotters meet a snowboarding Yeti.

  • To The Moon

    Episode 3

    Looking for UFOs in the skies over the Nevada desert Annie, Ben and Mango meet a space alien who takes them to the moon.

  • The Mummy's Treasure

    Episode 4

    Annie, Ben, and Mango help a boy mummy find his lost treasure in pyramid filled with boobytraps.

  • The Ghost Ship

    Episode 5

    Annie, Ben and Mango help a cursed pirate captain pilot his ghost pirate ship out of a thick fog and into open waters.

  • Towering Mango

    Episode 6

    It's a race up the Eiffel Tower when Mango makes off with a French girl's camera.

  • Hot Dog Mystery at Central Park

    Episode 7

    Annie, Ben, and Mango help a Central Park raccoon prove he's not a hot dog thief.

  • A Boy And His Chupacabra

    Episode 8

    In the Puerto Rican rain forest, El Yunque, Annie, Ben and Mango meet the Chupacabra - who doesn't want to be scary, he wants to be a goat-herding DOG.

  • Sealed With A Kiss

    Episode 9

    While visiting Santa Barbara on the coast of California, Annie, Ben, and Mango have to save a hungry seal who gets caught in an old fishing net.