Teehee Town

Teehee Town

4 Seasons

Introduce your kids to a fun learning day with Len and Mini from Teehee Town! Teach your babies everything interesting in our all-new Season. Are you ready?

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Teehee Town
  • Spooky Train

    Episode 1

    Choo Choo!! All aboard the haunted train! Get ready for a crazy jouney with Len and Mini as we come across some fun interesting creatures on this haunted train! So sing, dance and enjoy the ride!

  • Mystery Room With Len

    Episode 2

    Len and Mini are trapped inside a Spooky Mystery Room! Can you help them escape by solving the mystery? Hurry up and join them and song along to this fun finger family rhyme!!

  • What Is So Amazing About A Haunted House?

    Episode 3

    What is so amazing about this haunted house? The crazy dancing skeletons or the looney witch? Come explore with Len and Mini and sing along to this fun spooky song by Teehee Town!

  • Christmas, It's Christmas

    Episode 4

    It's almost Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year! Let's join Len and Mini as Santa is here to visit them and sing along to the New song Christmas, It's Christmas!

  • Witch On Her Broomstick Counting Game

    Episode 5

    Halloween is round the corner and the numbers are here to haunt you. No worry this time learning numbers will be fun like never before. Enjoy the brand new Witch on her broomstick counting game by Teehee Town and learn numbers with Len and Mini.

  • The BIG FAT Finger Family Song

    Episode 6

    Welcome to the World of Skeletons, Zombies, Witches, Monsters, and more. This is the biggest finger family for all you spooky lovers! Check out the new Spooky Big Finger Family at Teehee Town!

  • Spooky finger Family

    Episode 7

    Spooky Finger Family Songs is here featuring funny, crazy Skeletons, monsters, witches and your favorite characters Len & Mini! Come let's learn, sing along and have an amazing and crazy time.

  • This is the way we brush

    Episode 8

    Wonder when our funny skeletons wake up and do every night? Well! This is the way they brush their teeth, Watch 'This Is The Way We Brush' Halloween song along with Spooky Scary Skeleton Songs For Kids by Teehee Town.

  • The Skeleton Car Song

    Episode 9

    Mini's dream ride is on with skeletons all around Teehee Town! Vroom Vroom, Honk Honk, make way for the coolest ever Car Song in the most awesome car with Mini!

  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm Spooky

    Episode 10

    Meet Old MacDonald on his Spooky Farm of Skeletons and more! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Join Len and Mini in this spooky farm adventure and sing along with Teehee Town