Special Of The Day - This Is The Way We Wash Our Hands

Special Of The Day - This Is The Way We Wash Our Hands

As kids, we all love to play, don't we? And while at it we end up getting in touch with a lot of germs. Should we stop playing? No! We should wash our hands regularly! Join Elly and Eva sing along to this fun Wash Your Hands Song.

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Special Of The Day - This Is The Way We Wash Our Hands


  • Good Hygiene Habits

    In today's uncertain world we have to be very clean and follow good hygiene habits to stay safe. Touching your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth can be harmful without even knowing it. Let's learn all about maintaining good hygiene from our very own wise Annie, Ben and Mango!

  • Health is Wealth

    Haven't you always wondered how eating healthy is being wealthy? Well, the better you eat, the better is your health, and aren't you the richest if you have the gift of a healthy life? So... you're wealthy! Join Annie, Ben and Mango teach you exactly that, in a musical way. Are you ready?

  • SPECIAL - Stay Home, Stay Safe

    Who said spending time at home cannot be fun? Annie and Ben are showing Mango all the fun things we can do with our families at home like draw, put up a puppet show and so much more! So kids lets stay at home, stay safe and don't forget, keep smiling!

  • Annie & Ben - Brush Your Teeth

    Who said morning routines are boring? Annie, Ben and Mango have a lot of fun and are going to teach you how to do the same. Are you ready? Because we are! Listen to this exciting song 'Brush Your Teeth' by HooplaKidz.