Sing with Annie & Ben

Sing with Annie & Ben

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Sing With Annie & Ben presents a beautiful collection of Kids Songs featuring the cutest characters Annie, Ben and Mango! You can sing- along and learn too with the original songs as well as classic nursery rhymes!

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Sing with Annie & Ben
  • Annie & Ben - Smile Smile Smile

    When you're feeling down or when you feel alright, you should smile all the time! Annie, Ben and Mango show us with this fun song how we must keep smiling and put a smile on everyone's face too! Let's sing along and don't forget; keep smiling!!

  • Annie & Ben - Yes Yes Vegetables

    Mango is in search for a yummy snack when he comes across some healthy and tasty vegetables and is immediately content! Let's Join him and sing along to the Yes Yes Vegetable So

  • Annie & Ben - Morning Routine

    Who said morning routines are boring? Mango has a lot of fun as he begins a brand new day. Are you ready? Let's sing along and have a beautiful day ahead!

  • Annie & Ben - Mango's Bath Song

    It’s bath time! Mango is ready to splish splash in the bathtub! So come Sing along with the bath time song and get ready for a great enjoyable bath to get all sparkly clean!!

  • Annie & Ben - What's In Your Sandwich

    What is the perfect snack for a picnic? That's Right! Sandwiches!!! Annie has a basket full of sandwiches and her friends want to know - What's in the Sandwich!? Watch the fun song as you sing along to the cool NEW Sandwich Song!

  • Annie & Ben - Be Kind

    Episode 6

    Be kind is a super fun learning song about spreading kindness everywhere we go by being nice and helpful to everyone! So come Sing along with Annie & Ben to this lovely song and let's be a little kinder every day!