Sing with Annie & Ben

Sing with Annie & Ben

2 Seasons

Sing With Annie & Ben presents a beautiful collection of Kids Songs featuring the cutest characters Annie, Ben and Mango! You can sing- along and learn too with the original songs as well as classic nursery rhymes!

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Sing with Annie & Ben
  • Annie & Ben - Five senses song

    Do you how many senses does a human body have? Annie, Ben, and Mango travel around the city on their fun bicycle and experience the beauty of nature with their senses! Let's learn all about it from them!

  • Annie & Ben - Funny Faces

    Episode 2

    Can you make a funny face that can make everyone laugh? Join Annie, Ben and Mango have a ball of a time making funny faces in this super exciting video!

  • Annie & Ben - Down by the Bay Song

    Animals are so interesting and fun! Learn all about their different sounds with Annie, Ben, and Mango in this fun song, Down by the bay!

  • Annie & Ben - The Wheels On The Bus Learn Professions

    Annie is on a fun yellow bus that has a smart doctor, a funny scientist, a nice teacher and more! So, why don't you get on the bus with Annie and sing along to 'Wheels on the Bus go round and round... all day long!'