PUZZLE & GAMES (28 Videos)

PUZZLE & GAMES (28 Videos)

The more creative the learning, the more fun is the process! Join us as we learn all things new in an innovative manner with puzzles and games! Shall we begin?

PUZZLE & GAMES (28 Videos)
  • All Babies Channel - Trip To Candy

    Kent plans a trip to Candy Land along with his friends Tim, Monday, Luke and Mumu. They travel in different vehicles and finally reach Candy Land. Let us learn about different vehicles with them.

  • Annie and Ben - The Halloween Maze

    In this exciting midnight adventure, Camila the witch has to solve a haunted maze to reach her spooky friends! Help her cross the fun maze in this learning video by Annie & Ben!

  • Annie and Ben - Pick The Correct One Spooky

  • All Babies Channel - Football Match With Leo And Kent

    Tim- the Monkey, Luke- the Lion, Mumu- the Bull and Kent the Elephant are four best friends who love learning new things almost every day! Join them learn all about colors, numbers, shapes alphabets and more in fun and innovative ways. We promise you'll have fun whilst you get smarter!