PUZZLE & GAMES (28 Videos)

PUZZLE & GAMES (28 Videos)

The more creative the learning, the more fun is the process! Join us as we learn all things new in an innovative manner with puzzles and games! Shall we begin?

PUZZLE & GAMES (28 Videos)
  • Kent Color Wheel

    Are you ready to spin the wheel of surprises? When the wheel stops, every quarter has a fun surprise for you! Aren't you curious to know what is it? Hit play to find out!

  • Football Match With Leo And Kent

    Leo and Kent have signed up for a fun and exciting Football match! Can you guess who is winning? Let's find out!

  • Treasure Hunt With Elly

    Learning fruit names could be an important step to teach children healthy eating habits. Come lets learn fruit names with Elly as she goes on a treasure hunt !

  • Healthy Habits For Kids

    Annie, Ben and Mango teach us how to stay healthy and away from diseases in this learning video. You can learn tips on how to maintain personal hygiene everyday! Let's begin!

  • Learn Shapes With The Puzzle Cube

    Kent is learning shapes with this magic shape box. Can you guess what shapes are those? Why don't you. join him and find out all about it!

  • Vehicle Name With Jim And Hannah

    Captain Discovery hands over a map to Jim and Hannah, with a route to the treasure that needs to be found. But to get there, they have to take different modes of transport. Do you think they will be able to get to the treasure?Let's find out!

  • Swimming Pool And Giant Slide Final

    Kent thinks of doing something exciting and talks to his friends Luke, Pego, Monday, and Mumu. They all plan to go to the waterpark and enjoy the exciting water slides and activities. Don't you want to join in the fun?

  • Fill The Train With Shapes

    Our cute Kent is creating a masterpiece today! But looks like he's out of some shapes, his friends are always there to help him and this time too. Will he be able to finish this masterpiece? Let's find out!

  • Monday Eating Treats

    Monday the Monster finds a yummy candy that is kept on top of the shelf, but will he be able to get the candy? Let's find out how Monday plans to get to the candy!

  • Johny Johny

    It seems like our cute Monday the Monster is very hungry today, and his tummy isn't even close to being full! But his Dino friend is always there for him! Let's find out what tricks he practices this time!

  • Kent's Classroom

    1 season

    Learning becomes all the more fun when your favorite character is learning with you. Curious Kent is all set to learn all about Professions, Colors, Shapes, and Fruits! Don't you want to join him and get smart? Let's get started!

  • Annie and Ben - Mangos Obstacle Course

  • Fun Learning with Captain Discovery

    2 seasons

    Adventures with Captain Discovery are always amazing! This time, while you join him on his journey, you'll get to learn all interesting this, such as learning the alphabet,
    finding treasures and more! We're super excited! Are you too?

  • KidsCamp - The Odd One Out

    Can you help Elly spot the odd one out? Together it will be easy and fun to solve. So hurry and get to learning with Elly.

  • KidsCamp - Match The Cards With Elly

    Elly playes a memory game with the help of surprise Cards

  • Annie & Ben - Maze Game

    Are you ready to solve a fun puzzle with Annie? Here's a fun one and we bet you're going to enjoy solving it too! So, let's hit play and get started!

  • All Babies Channel - Leo Teaches Healthy - Unhealthy

    Luke the Lion is on a trip to the supermarket and there he has a variety of food items. He has been given a task to separate the food items as healthy and unhealthy. Let's learn with Luke about healthy and unhealthy foods.

  • KidsCamp - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    To the sound of the soothing and peaceful Twinkle Twinkle guess and learn the names of fruits with Elly and Eva.

  • Annie and Ben - Pick The Correct One | Fun Games

    Pick The Correct One | Fun Games, Baby Songs + More Nursery Rhymes for Kids by Annie, Ben & Mango

  • KidsCamp - Vehicles Take Us Everywhere With Elly

    Elly talks about vehicles and which transportation she uses to reach which place.

  • Annie and Ben - Connect The Dots

  • Annie and Ben - The Spooky Egg Hunt

  • Annie and Ben - Remember the color pattern

    Let's learn colors in a fun and interactive way by playing this memory game with Annie and Ben

  • All Babies Channel - Luke Eats Vegetables

    Are you ready to spin the wheel of surprises? When the wheel stops, every box has fun of surprise for you! Aren't you curious? Hit play to find out!