• Teacher’s Song

  • Vegetable Song

  • Cupcake Mania
    1 season

    Cupcake Mania

    1 season

    Too much cupcake is no such thing! Now make Oreo cupcakes, lasagna cupcakes and more yummy oreos with the help of our video. You can thank us later!

  • Vehicles Song

  • Just Braid It!
    1 season

    Just Braid It!

    1 season

    The more creative the hair, the more stylish you are! Watch this video on different women’s hairstyles and all you have to do with us is – Just Braid It!

  • The Apple Song

    Watch the Yummy Cute Apple Song and sing along with Annie Ben and Mango! Take a bite and keep the doctor away!

  • Sorry Thank You Please

  • Fun With Colors

  • Art Beats
    1 season

    Art Beats

    1 season

    Art is the best medium to please your heart! Make the most exciting notebooks, bottle boats, watercolor mugs and more with things available at home with the help of this video. Easy and beautiful, isn’t that what Art is?

  • This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth

  • Adventures In Ancient Cities

    Movie + 3 extras

    Every wondered if Hercules could actually perform those 12 ‘impossible’ tasks? Or if there was actually a Minotaur running wild in Minos' maze? Or how and why the Stonehenge was built? Uncover all these hidden historic mysteries and more with Annie, Ben, and Mango!

    The Adventures of Annie & ...

  • The Planet Song

    Annie, Ben, and Mango found a new friend from the space. And guess what? They traveled with him in the space ship exploring the different planets. Do you know all about them? Let's learn it in a fun manner with Annie & Ben.

  • Evolution

    Everything living evolves, however, each system varies! Watch our video to understand the evolution of the science of various different living things and all about the revolution!

  • Guess The Animal

    Guess the Animal

  • Your Favorite Cartoon Cupcakes - Part 2


    We are back with another edition of Your Favorite Cartoon Cupcakes. In Part 2, we have those cute little shape characters you guys love so much and two very,
    very popular Superheroes. Hope you like it.

  • Do Plants Sleep?

    Sleep in an important habit that needs to be followed daily! But do you think plants sleep too? How does their system grow? You'll find out all about it in this video.

  • My First Nursery Rhymes

    1 season

    Enjoy some classic nursery rhymes that have been around for years! These rhymes are just simply the best way for children to learn the English language as they are filled with catchy rhythms and repetitive words that make it easy for them to grasp. This special collection includes nursery rhymes ...

  • Dinosaur Song

    Let's go back in time to meet the mighty dinosaurs. Learn all about them and all the things they love to do in this peppy Dinosaur Song. So let's sing... Rumble Rumble in the Jungle...!

  • The Jungle Song

  • DIY Hub
    2 seasons

    DIY Hub

    2 seasons

    Why buy when you can create some amazing, out of the box yet super easy Pillows, Dreamcatchers and more interesting things with the help of the videos at DIY Hub. Get started right away!

  • This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth

  • Shape Your Brain

    1 season

    Did you know every time you learned something new and interesting your brain is shaped into a smarter one? Well, now you do! Learn all things interesting in this fun series of early learning videos!

  • Morning Routine With Elly

  • Pin Pon (In English)