• All Babies Channel - Five Little Crocodiles (3D)

    Woohoo...! What's more fun way to learn numbers than by singing along! Let's sing the Five Crocodiles, a cute nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel and do some counting.

  • Three Little Pigs

    A fun and classic fairy tale - Three Little Pigs is a story of how the three little pigs fight the big bad wolf when he tries to break into their house and eat them away! Come, join Kent the Elephant while we listen to this fun Bed Time cartoon story for kids!

  • What Kind Of Hat Is This

    Its playtime! Elly is checking and trying out new hats! Hats that help identify an individual. Just like the cowboy hat belongs to a cowboy, a white chef hat belongs to a chef. Come let's join, sing and learn with Elly in the fun Kidscamp song, 'What Kind of Hat is this'

  • Pat A Cake Part 2

    Yayy...! It's time to bake some cakes for baby Rabbit and baby Squirrel. The bakers are a little messy but love baking cakes for the babies. Let's join in and help them bake more tasty cakes.

  • Big Sister Song

    Do you have a big sister? Sometimes we might think that they are a little annoying but we love them too. Watch and sing along with Eva singing praises for her dear sister Elly in this fun 'Big Sister Song'

  • Pop Goes The Weasel

    What would the weasel do if the monkey chases it? Sing this classic English nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel to find out what happens to the little weasel

  • Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

    Mr. Stork is taking a class today with a lesson on the most loved Head Shoulders Knees and Toes song. The class is attended by a baby duck, baby cow, baby horse, and a baby goat. So come along and learn about our body party with these cute farm animals.

  • Row Row Row Your Boat

    Rowing boats are so much fun. Don't you agree, kids? But what would you do if you come across a crocodile? Join us in this fun new English nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel and let's go rowing!

  • ABC Finger Family

    The cutest ABC finger family is here to teach us the ABC song. So come learn ABC along with finger family and lets sing and dance around in this fun learning video.

  • Yankee Doodle

    Yankee Doodle is all set to go round the town on his little pony. Don't you want to join him too? Watch him also dance to the tune of this cute English nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel.

  • Johnny Johnny Yes Papa (3D)

    Johny is crunching away his favourite chocolates, cookies and sugar but wait! do you want to know what happens next? Sing along with All Babies Channel and find out.

  • 12345 Once I Caught A Fish Alive

    It's a beautiful day at the lake and Elly and Eva decide to go fishing. They even caught a fish but had to let it go, do you know why? Let's find out and while at it let's learn to count. What a fun time!

  • ABC Song - Elly's Dream Song Non Verbal Beginning

    Its a beautiful day outside and Elly wants to play and make the most of it, but her mom refused. What will Elly do now? Let's find out how Elly still managed to have a fun time and while at it we can also learn the ABC song with fun dancing objects.

  • Phonics Song - Hip Hop Style

    Welcome to the 'Land of Phonics'. Let's hop in and learn the sounds of the English alphabet. Come along and sing this new Engish song of All Babies Channel.

  • Peas Porridge Hot

    These crazy peas are all over the place and they're having so much fun! So come on lets join Elly and Eva in singing this fun song and learn about the different types of porridge.

  • Rain Rain Go Away

    Oh no! It's raining. How can Kent, Tim, Luke and Mumu play now? Let's sing this cute fun song of All Babies Channel and ask the rain to please go away!

  • Five Funny Spiders (3D)

    Poor daddy Spider seems to be annoyed by the 5 funny spiders who are upto some prank. Can you guess what it could be? Sing this cute funny nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel

  • Colors Song With Len And Mini

    Colors add magic in everything we see, don't you agree? Join Len and Mini as they appreciate the beauty of colors and sing along to the sweet and melodious Colors Song!

  • 3 little kittens

    Three little sweet kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry! Elly and Eva help them out in finding out their lost mittens and treat them with a delecious pie. Let's join them and sing along this fun song.

  • The Phonics Song

    Do you know your ABCs? Let’s see, A for Apple, B for Ball, C for …? CAT! Join Kent in this fun phonic song and learn your ABCs on Kent The Elephant

  • Kitty Cat (3D)

    Hey Kids! Come listen to our brand new song Kitty Cat Kitty Cat! Watch as the kitty cat explore the farm and different types of farm animals. Come let's find out how Pego and the kitty spent their day in this Nursery rhyme!

  • 5 Little Speckled Frogs

    Lets learn numbers from one to five with these cute little frogs as they join Elly and Eva as they sat on a speckled log, eating some most delicious bugs - yum, yum! Come let's join and learn while having fun!

  • The Animals Sounds Song

    There's a cute, mischievous pet mouse running around the farm and Elly and Eva are on a chase!!! Join them as you meet the wonderful Farm Animals and learn the sounds of the animals in the awesome fun Animal Sounds Song by KidsCamp!!

  • Tomato Song

    Wow, this tomato is so yummy! Sing this fun Tomato song for kids which is a Hindi traditional song and learn more rhymes for children with All Babies Channel!