• All Babies Channel - Five Little Crocodiles (3D)

    Woohoo...! What's more fun way to learn numbers than by singing along! Let's sing the Five Crocodiles, a cute nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel and do some counting.

  • 3 little kittens

    Three little sweet kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry! Elly and Eva help them out in finding out their lost mittens and treat them with a delecious pie. Let's join them and sing along this fun song.

  • The Phonics Song

    Do you know your ABCs? Let’s see, A for Apple, B for Ball, C for …? CAT! Join Kent in this fun phonic song and learn your ABCs on Kent The Elephant

  • 5 Little Speckled Frogs

    Lets learn numbers from one to five with these cute little frogs as they join Elly and Eva as they sat on a speckled log, eating some most delicious bugs - yum, yum! Come let's join and learn while having fun!

  • Tomato Song

    Wow, this tomato is so yummy! Sing this fun Tomato song for kids which is a Hindi traditional song and learn more rhymes for children with All Babies Channel!

  • Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Little Johny ate candies and lied to his papa. He got caught lying when he opened his mouth with full of candies. Elly and Eva recreate the famous song in a fun way. Let's join them and sing along.

  • Captain Discovery - Face Painting Finger Family

    It's time to have some fun and learn how to color. Let's see how Captain Discovery's face is painted with different colors. Sing the finger family song to learn about the different colors.

  • Derrick & Debbie - Rain Rain Go Away

    Our little dragons, Derrick and Debbie want to play outside but they cannot as it is raining a lot. Let us come together and join them while they sing the Rain Rain Go Away song.

  • Teehee Town - Learn Colors With Treats - Len And Mini

    Len and Mini's faces are changing colors as they eat some delicious colorful candy!! That sounds like so much fun, come on, let's learn some colors as we sing along to our favorite Finger Family Song!

  • Monday The Monster - Monday Morning Routine Song

    Monday the Monster teaches us about his morning routine with This is the way with we brush our teeth song. He teaches us about the morning routine of brushing, washing hands and taking a shower. Let's sing along with Monday and learn the morning routine.

  • HooplaKidz - The Apple Song

    Watch the Yummy Cute Apple Song and sing along with Annie Ben and Mango! Take a bite and keep the doctor away!

  • Annie & Ben - Five senses song

    Do you how many senses does a human body have? Annie, Ben, and Mango travel around the city on their fun bicycle and experience the beauty of nature with their senses! Let's learn all about it from them!

  • All Babies Channel - Vegetable Song

  • KidsCamp - Vehicles Song

    Elly and Eva are here with their cute farm animals to teach you names of all the vehicles. So come and sing along to this upbeat song and make learning fun.

  • Annie And Ben - The Planet Song

    Annie, Ben, and Mango found a new friend from the space. And guess what? They traveled with him in the space ship exploring the different planets. Do you know all about them? Let's learn it in a fun manner with Annie & Ben.

  • Annie And Ben - Guess The Animal

    Guess the Animal

  • All Babies Channel - Sorry Thank You Please

    What are the magic words you can say to be polite? Sing along with the Sorry and Thank You Song by All Babies Channel!

  • HooplaKidz - Teacher’s Song

    Don't we all love our Teachers?! They introduce us to literally everything - Shapes, Numbers, Alphabets and so much more! Join Annie as she sings about how much she loves her Teacher and we bet you feel the same way! Hit play on this fun kids nursery rhymes by HooplaKidz and sing along!

  • Annie & Ben - Adventures In Ancient Cities

    Movie + 3 extras

    Every wondered if Hercules could actually perform those 12 ‘impossible’ tasks? Or if there was actually a Minotaur running wild in Minos' maze? Or how and why the Stonehenge was built? Uncover all these hidden historic mysteries and more with Annie, Ben, and Mango!

    The Adventures of Annie & ...

  • Feed Your Genius with Annie & Ben

    4 seasons

    Annie is super excited to teach you all about the different shapes, colors, dresses and more! You’re definitely in for a real fun time with her! Are you ready?

  • KidsCamp - This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth

    Wakey, wakey, it's morning! Let's get ready to brush your teeth, comb your hair and get ready for the day! Join these cute animals and have a wonderful day!

  • All Babies Channel - Fun With Colors

    What color is the Lemon? It's Yellow!! Have Fun with colors and learn them with this awesome song Fun with colors.

  • HooplaKidz - Dinosaur Song

    Let's go back in time to meet the mighty dinosaurs. Learn all about them and all the things they love to do in this peppy Dinosaur Song. So let's sing... Rumble Rumble in the Jungle...!

  • HooplaKidz - The Jungle Song

    Jungle Here We Come To You! Let's visit the Jungle with Annie, Ben, and Mango and learn more about wild animals!