NEW RELEASES (100 Videos)

NEW RELEASES (100 Videos)

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NEW RELEASES (100 Videos)
  • Sing With Annie & Ben - Appreciate Song

    Annie, Ben and Mango show us how to be kind and thoughtful, to not lose hope on a gloomy day but rather to keep smiling and always appreciate!! Come sing along to the Appreciate Song by Sing with Annie & Ben and have a fun time your favorite friends!

  • Teehee Town - What If

    What If mountains were made of ice cream and bubbles would never pop!? What if you and I could fly like beautiful butterflies!? Come join Len and Mini on this exciting journey, sing along to the What If song by Teehee Town and explore an amazingly different and new world!

  • Kent The Elephant - Down By The Bay

    Did you ever see a cat wearing a hat? Did you ever see a dog talking to a frog? Well, you can in this video. Join Kent and sing along with this delightful animated version and the popular nursery rhyme, ' Down by the bay.

  • Paint My Wheels On The Bus

    How do you go to school? Elly and Eva are learning it the colorful way as they paint their school bus. Come join Elly and Eva and let's paint while having some fun!

  • Doctor Song

    Our cute Tim is not feeling well, and it's the time to visit the Doctor who is also very caring! Doctors are heros in white coats, who do their best to help us with good health. Here is a song that tells you all about our super-heros called Doctors!

  • Theme Park

    Join Len and Mini at the spooky cool theme park where you can ride bikes with skeletons and go on roller coaster rides with zombies! Are you ready for this fun adventure at Spooky Land?

  • Five Cute Fruits

    You already know how healthy fruits are. But did you know how naughty they are as well? Here's a nursery rhyme, as old as time, teaching you all about fruits and colors. Shall we sing the song for you? If you know the lyrics, sing along!

  • Kent The Elephant - 1-2 Bake A Cake

    Let's bake a cake with our cute kent the elephant, Baking is so much fun! specially when you're friends are helping you! Join us as we all going to have so much fun baking a cake together today! Let’s bake it just right, and it will be so tasty when it comes out of the oven! Clap along to this or...

  • Teehee Town - Move It Like The Animals

    Len and Mini are on a Jungle Safari! And they love to run, hop, skip, jump and move it like the animals! Join them and sing this wonderful, magical and an enchanted jungle animals song!

  • KidsCamp - Wheels On The Bus Professions

    What do you want to be? Elly and Eva meet different people from different professions and learn about occupations and learn about what they do. It is an interesting song that tells kids about a Teacher, scientist, a chef, a musician. Come and sing along and role play on this song.

  • All Babies Channel - There Were Two Mice

    Two little mice are having a sweet time, till a kitty cat comes to them and wishes to join them! She wants to dance and play, but will the mice even allow that? Let's find out!

  • KidsCamp - Let's Learn ABC & 123 With Elly And Eva

    Let's observe, recognize numbers and alphabets in a fun and interactive way.That's how you learn your ABC's and 123. Join Elly and Eva and learn with them when learning is packed with fun!

  • Teehee Town - The Road Trip Song

    Len and Mini are ready to travel the world, meet new people and see new cities and eat lots of yummy food!! Are you ready for this awesome road trip? Come hop in and sing along to this NEW song and get ready for an amazing adventure!

  • KidsCamp - Basket Of Fruit Song

    Fruit is always a better snack or part of a meal than processed junk foods. And what better way than a song to learn about them.Join Elly and Eva as they learn about fruits in this fun song, Basket of Fruits.

  • All Babies Channel - King Elephant

    King Elephant is huge, loves to dance and sing and is so very cute. As he steps out of his castle flashing a bright smile, everyone falls in love with him. So come along, and together let's celebrate the King Elephant!

  • Kent The Elephant - Outside The Window I See

    Sing to the peppy tunes of 'Outside the Window I see' along with Kent and his friends, so kids tell us what do you see outside your window? A smiling sun? or birds chirping? Let's find out!

  • KidsCamp - Apple Song

    Apples are not only delicious, but also a great fruit for a very healthy reason. Come join Elly and Eva and sing the Apple Song and learn why kids should be eating more apples.

  • Kent the Elephant - Whats in your sandwich

    What is the perfect snack for a picnic? That's Right! Sandwiches!! Luke has a basket full of sandwiches and Kent wants to know - What's in the Sandwich!? Watch the fun song as you sing along to this original cool sandwich song

  • Kent The Elephant - I Love Books

    Books are so much fun to read! They teach us so many things plus we also learn to read! Come join in the fun world of books with Kent as he discovers fun things!

  • KidsCamp - Lets Clean Our Room

    Why cleaning the room is important? Well it is a good habit which everyone should learn. So why not join Elly and Eva and learn with them how to keep room clean, a regular routine to follow!

  • Kent The Elephant - Numbers Song With Kent

    Numbers are so much fun to learn especially through songs we can learn them quicker and easy to understand so come join Kent and learn numbers and sing along number song.

  • KidsCamp - What Kind Of Shape Is This

    Make way everyone! Here comes Elly in a big wooden truck of SHAPES!!! Do you want to know what Shapes she has? Let's get on board and learn all about the different shapes as we sing along !

  • KidsCamp - Learn Professions With Elly

    Elly is learning and teaching about jobs and professions since it is very important to have awareness on various professional fields. What do you want do?

  • Annie & Ben - Brush Your Teeth

    Who said morning routines are boring? Annie, Ben and Mango have a lot of fun and are going to teach you how to do the same. Are you ready? Because we are! Listen to this exciting song 'Brush Your Teeth' by HooplaKidz.