NEW RELEASES (27 Videos)

NEW RELEASES (27 Videos)

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NEW RELEASES (27 Videos)
  • The Mouse with Seven Tails

    "A little mouse with seven tails gets seven wishes from her grandmother. Upon getting teased by her classmates in school for having so many tails, she makes one wish everyday and ends up losing one tail. Finally, she is left with no tails at all!
    The story of ‘The mouse with Seven Tails’ teaches...

  • Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

    Don't we all love sweets? They're delicious and take your tastebuds on a fun ride! Johnny also loves them, so he went to the kitchen to eat some sugar but was caught by his father, and guess what he did? He lied! Did Johnny's father find out? Let's watch this video to know more!

  • Car Song

    Strap on your seatbelt, start your engines, and get set ready for a fun car ride with Kent, The Elephant!
    Vroom Vroom Vroom! Make way for Kent's new shiny car that goes all around the city!
    Sing out loud and join us!

  • Baa Baa Black Sheep

    Annie is in a field surrounded by a flock of sheep and singing the classic nursery rhyme Baa baa black sheep, do you know whom the three bags of wool are for? So come let's sing along this melodious nursery rhyme with Annie and find out.

  • Let's Plant A Tree

    If we want to save our planet for the future and make our present pleasant too, planting trees is a must, so join Len and Mini, and let's plant a tree, for you and me!

  • The Great Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunts help people develop new skills and strengthen and reinforce other skills such as leadership, communication, and problem solving. Our cute Kent is here to find the greatest treasure! Don't you want to help him? So come Join Kent only on Kent The Elephant.

  • Bath Song

    Staying clean is the most important way to stay healthy! And when you have so much fun while at it, it's even better! Join HooplaKidz in this fun Bath Song and enjoy as you sing along while you get all clean!

  • Pet Song

    Pets are so cute and wonderful! Met our cute pets, the dog, turtle, cat, rabbits and more animals while singing the I Love My Pet song for kids and children by All Babies Channel

  • This is The Way We Brush

    "How long do you take to get ready to go to school? Come on! Sing the Brush Your Teeth Song for kids which is a Classic Nursery Rhyme by All Babies Channel."

  • I Love Vegetables

    Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Join Elly and Eva and learn with them why do they love vegetables and why should we also love them too! Stay connected with kidsCamp for more Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs.

  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm

    Old Macdonald Had A Farm , eyah eya oooo ...Come join us to listen to this children's favourite kids song Old MacDonald had a farm and make your little ones sing along

  • If you're Happy And You Know It

    "If you're happy and you know it, let us dance to the music! You stomp your feet, clap your hands and wiggle away!
    Join us with Elly and Eva, as they celebrate with the cute little turtle and other friends!
    You know you're happy and when you sing out loud!"

  • Wash Your Hands

    Kids do you know why we must wash our hands before a meal and after playing? Len and Mini will tell us with this fun song about the importance of clean and healthy hands!!

  • Five Spooky Pumpkins

    Five Spooky Pumpkins Five Spooky Pumpkins Five Spooky Pumpkins Five Spooky Pumpkins Five Spooky Pumpkins Five Spooky Pumpkins Five Spooky Pumpkins Five Spooky Pumpkins

  • I Had A Little Turtle

    Kent and Luke get a little Turtle home. Super excited, they put him in a bath tub, and the little turtle eats the soap! Can you guess what happens next? He has bubbles all around! Doesn't that sound fun? Learn all about him in this fun kids song - I Had a Little Turtle by All Babies Channel.

  • BINGO Dog Song

    Bingo, the little dog is always excited and loves to play around. He enjoys going around butterflies, and other small birds. Watch and sing this classic English nursery rhyme of Kent the Elephant

  • Bath Time With Kent

    Luke sees Kent covered with mud and playing in the living room. He carries him to the bathroom to give him a bath! What happens then? Let us sing along the bath song and learn more.

  • Five Cute Fruits

    You already know how healthy fruits are. But did you know how naughty they are as well? Here's a nursery rhyme, as old as time, teaching you all about fruits and colors. Shall we sing the song for you? If you know the lyrics, sing along! अपने प्यारे दोस्त एनी और बेन के साथ फल और सब्जियां सीखो, और...

  • Box Of Crayons

    Kent has got a lovely surprise for Luke and he looks so excited to open it! Don’t you want to know what’s inside it? Sing along quirky song ‘Box of Crayon’s’ and learn super fun colors with Kent The Elephant

  • KidsCamp - Road Trip Song

    Elly and Eva are heading out on a road trip and they are joined by their friends. Let us also join them and explore with them the magical world of Kidscamp in this fun Road Trip Song.

  • Be Kind Song

    Be Kind to Everyone is a super fun learning song about being nice to everyone you meet. In a world where you can be anything be kind! So come sing along with Kent and his friends this super fun song, 'Be Kind to Everyone'.

  • Colorful Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Oh look at those twinkling stars! Don’t they look like little diamonds? Surely there is something special about these twinkling stars! Lets find out. This childrens song is relaxing and a great lullaby that makes sure you go to sleep. Good NIght!

  • What Color Is The Lemon

    Groove to this peppy tune of 'What color is the lemon' a fun fruity song which also teaches you lovely colors! Isn't that interesting? So join Kent as he will take us on this fruitful adventure.

  • Ten Little Baby Shark

    It is so much fun to swim under the sea! Watch my cute shark friends as they perform some amazing tricks! Dive into this underwater adventure with Kent and his friends!