NEW RELEASES (114 Videos)

NEW RELEASES (114 Videos)

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NEW RELEASES (114 Videos)
  • Have You Ever Seen A Flying Mummy

    Len and Mini are in a haunted house!! Do they see a flying mummy and a vampire witch?! But Mummy's can't fly.. or can they? Join a brand new adventure with Len and Mini and meet all the crazy monsters they encounter in this fun song by Teehee Town!

  • Greetings Song

    Kent is starting his beautiful day with a wonderful Greetings Song and wishes everyone Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night. Let's join him and sing together this lovely nursery rhyme with Kent The Elephant.

  • Memory Card Game

    Are you ready to play a fun memory game with Len and Mini? We have some magical cards with spooky monsters on them and we need to make a pair! Come on, join us and let's have fun playing and learning with Teehee Town!

  • Jungle Song

    Elly and Eva are on a jungle safari and will meet animals from the wild. Let's join them in this fun jungle song. Can you think of any more animals you can find in the jungle?

  • Sailor Went To The Sea

    When Kent the sailor when to the sea, did you know what did he see? The deep blue sea, the numerous fishes and so much more. So come join Kent and his friends while they sail the ship and sing along Sailor Went To The Sea Song with Kent The Elephant.

  • Mr. Potato

    Elly and Eva meet Mr. Potato and his family. Such is the charm that they can't stop singing the Mr. Potato song. Let's join them and sing along this fun song, Mr. Potato.

  • Let's Go To Sleep

    Sing this fun and cute nursery rhyme song for kids and children while playing with Kent, Luke, and Mumu! Let's go to sleep with this fun rhyme, All Babies Channel

  • Summer Song

    It is Summer Time! Sing this fun Summer Song for kids and children & join this fun journey with Kent, Luke, Mumu, and Tim with your favorite, All Babies Channel.

  • Yes Yes Smoothie Song

    Come to help Elly and Eva make healthy and delicious fruit smoothies! From apples to bananas, strawberries to pineapples, these smoothies look delicious and yummy, so let's the yes yes smoothie song.

  • Greeting Song

    Elly and Eva start their day by wishing each other a very Good Morning! There's more! A Good afternoon, a good evening, and a very very good night! Yes, let us sing the wonderful greetings song with Elly and Eva!

  • The Hiccup Song

    Annie has got the Hiccups. Who could be thinking of her? Ben and Mango try to help Annie stop her Hiccups by distracting her in their cute little ways. But do the Hiccups stop? Does it happen to you too? Join them in this fun kids' song - The Hiccups Song by Annie and Ben.

  • Let's Go To Sleep

    Let's go to sleep, It is time to go to bed. Say our Prayers and hum lullaby. Sing along with Annie, Ben, and Mango to this sweet Sleep Song! Come let's go to the magical world of Annie and her friends, where we float on clouds, among stars and get ready for a peaceful slumber to the sound of the ...

  • Let's Plant A Tree

    Planting trees can be so much fun and good for our surroundings. Let us plant a tree while singing this cute nursery rhyme song with All Babies Channel.

  • Halloween Special Season 8

    5 videos

    Get ready for fun, spooky and musical adventures with your favorite characters in our Halloween Special Season 8. Explore everything from a haunted house, to a Ghost Camp

  • Kitty Cat

    Cats are awesome, and super funny too! Who doesn't like cats and kittens? They make us laugh and happy! Let's find out how Kent The Elephant and his friend Kitty Cat are spending their day and sing along on the Kitty Cat Song.

  • Dancing Balls Machine

    Let's join and learn names of fruits, names of vehicles, names of animals with this surprise dancing balls machine as Elly and Eva join their friends and sing along!

  • Smile Song

    A smile can make anyone happy! It is the best curve on a body :) So smile and spread happiness with this cute nursery rhyme song by your favorite, All Babies Channel.

  • I Love Books

    Books teach us so much. Stories, songs, alphabets, numbers and so much more! I love books! Sing this fun song for kids with Kent, Mumu and Luke by All Babies Channel

  • KidsCamp - Eva Eva Yes Elly Eating Healthy

    There are many reasons for everyone to enjoy eating a wide variety of fruits everyday..Join Elly as she sings the reasons why eating fruits is healthier than eating sugar.

  • Planet Song

    Kent and his friends are on a space adventure! Come let's explore these awesome planets and learn about them. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, do you know how many planets we have in our solar system? So come let's sing along to the 'Planet Song' with Kent The Elephant.

  • Kent The Elephant -Mr. Sun

    Mr. Sun is shining nice and bright! Kent and his friends are playing outside and having lots of fun! Come join them and sing, dance, play, and glow with Mr. Sun all day long!

  • Kent The Elephant - The School Bus Song

    Early Mornings are full of fun and doing everything as fast as we can to catch our school bus on time! Don't you agree? Watch Kent and his friends do their morning routine in a fun way! Do they manage to catch their school bus? Let's find out in this fun kids song by Kent The Elephant

  • All Babies Channel - Be Kind

    Kindness is one beautiful language of love. Spread this love by helping people when they need you and learn many more beautiful nursery rhymes songs for children and kids with All Babies Channel

  • KidsCamp - Sleeping Bunnies

    Hop hop hop with these cute sleeping bunnies in this nursery rhyme and sing and dance along to this Sleeping Bunnies Kidscamp version with Elly and Eva.