NEW RELEASES (100 Videos)

NEW RELEASES (100 Videos)

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NEW RELEASES (100 Videos)
  • KidsCamp - Eva Eva Yes Elly Eating Healthy

    There are many reasons for everyone to enjoy eating a wide variety of fruits everyday..Join Elly as she sings the reasons why eating fruits is healthier than eating sugar.

  • All Babies Channel - Be Kind

    Kindness is one beautiful language of love. Spread this love by helping people when they need you and learn many more beautiful nursery rhymes songs for children and kids with All Babies Channel

  • Kent The Elephant - The School Bus Song

    Early Mornings are full of fun and doing everything as fast as we can to catch our school bus on time! Don't you agree? Watch Kent and his friends do their morning routine in a fun way! Do they manage to catch their school bus? Let's find out in this fun kids song by Kent The Elephant

  • KidsCamp - Sleeping Bunnies

    Hop hop hop with these cute sleeping bunnies in this nursery rhyme and sing and dance along to this Sleeping Bunnies Kidscamp version with Elly and Eva.

  • KidsCamp - Hiccup Song

    Eva have got the hiccups.How can she get rid of them? Elly and all her friends are trying to help her out but they just dont go away. Let's join and sing along in this fun Hiccup song

  • Teehee Town - Pumpkin Finger Family

    The crazy spooky Pumpkin Finger Family has gone missing! Help Len and Mini look for them all. Sing along to the fun Pumpkin Finger Family song and have a fun time with Teehee Town!

  • Kent the Elephant - Jelly On The Plate

    Kent is learning all about the different treats and food whilst making them! Join him as he discovers the different qualities the jelly, honey, popcorn, etc have in this fun kids song - Jelly On A Plate by Kent The Elephant

  • Kent The Elephant - Mr. Sun

    Mr. Sun is shining nice and bright! Kent and his friends are playing outside and having lots of fun! Come join them and sing, dance, play, and glow with Mr. Sun all day long!

  • KidsCamp - Colors Song

    The Colors song is a great song used to teach children the colors. Colors you see them all around. It's about the happiest song in town, so let’s join Elly and Eva and learn with this fun song.

  • KidsCamp - 5 Senses Song

    The five senses — seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching — help us to learn about our surroundings. Lets join Elly & Eva and learn with them the five senses that will help children better explore the world around them.

  • Kent The Elephant -The Road Trip Song

    Kent and Luke are ready to travel the world, meet new people, see new cities and eat lots of yummy food!! Are you ready for this awesome road trip? Come hop in and sing along to the Road Trip Song and get ready for an amazing fun adventure!

  • KidsCamp -Teacher Song

    Teachers play a very important role in children's life! From teaching all basics, good manners, sing along with Elly and Eva and thank your teachers for been a part of your life and tell them why you love them. Sing along the fun 'Teacher Song'

  • KidsCamp - Incy Wincy Spider

    Never give up! That's what the little incy wincy spider teaches us. The Incy Wincy spider went up towards the spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out. Join Elly and Eva as they try and Try until they succeed to climb up the hill.

  • Kent The Elephant - Jelly On The Plate

    Kent is learning all about the different treats and food whilst making them! Join him as he discovers the different qualities the jelly, honey, popcorn, etc have in this fun kids song - Jelly On A Plate by Kent The Elephant

  • Kent the Elephant - Painting Underwater Animals

    Kids love to paint! Don't they? Kent is back with an amazing painting underwater animal video! So come let's learn to paint sea animals with kent the elephant.

  • Kent the Elephant - What Fits Together

    Hey Kids! Brain teasers are so much fun! they help you focus on your studies more effectivley! Kent is back with another exciting video called 'What Fit's Together' so come let's help to fit the objects together.

  • Kent the Elephant - Learn Different Kinds Of Flowers

    Games and activities to teach your kids about flowers. ... ones can also learn more about biology, art, A flower is the part of a plant that blossoms and Today Kent is going to teach us different kinds of flowers.

  • Kent the Elephant - Kent And His Things From His School Bag

    A well-packed school bag makes it easier to remember things, to find things, and to carry it all. Kent on his way to his school but before that, he needs to pack his school bag so come let's help him.

  • Kent the Elephant - How Many Can You Count

    Teaching children to count involves more than helping them learn the numbers one to ten and improving their intelligence, So come help Kent count as much as you can!

  • Wheels On The Bus Professions

    What's more fun than learning professions? Well, singing to the Wheels on the bus while at it! Join us on a fun learning ride with All Babies Channel

  • Sing With Annie & Ben - Shine Little Stars

    Do you see the little stars shining brightly in the night sky and the clouds as they pass by? Sing along with Annie, Ben and Mango to this sweet Lullaby - Shine Little Stars by Sing with Annie & Ben and get ready to fall into the most peaceful slumber!

  • Sing With Annie & Ben - Tomato Song

    "Mango won't finish the veggies off his plate! Why don't we remind him how yummy and healthy veggies really are! Let's learn all about vegetables and sing along with Annie to the Tomato Song by Sing with Annie & Ben!

  • KidsCamp - Clean Up Trash Song

    It is our responsibility to keep our environment clean and green. Let's join Elly and sing along 'The Clean Up Trash Song' while still having fun and do your part to help the environment.

  • KidsCamp - Wheels On The Vehicles With Elly & Eva

    Join Elly and Eva and ride along with them in different vehicles as they sing, 'Wheels on the bus' song. A fun way to learn while having fun.