• Annie and Ben - Pick the Correct Animals

    Do you know the animals correctly? Well, there are some animals that have their tails missing or their ears! Can you help Annie find them? Let's get started!

  • Annie & Ben - Funny Faces

    Can you make a funny face that can make everyone laugh? Join Annie, Ben and Mango have a ball of a time making funny faces in this super exciting video!

  • Annie & Ben - The Wheels On The Bus Learn Professions

    Annie is on a fun yellow bus that has a smart doctor, a funny scientist, a nice teacher and more! So, why don't you get on the bus with Annie and sing along to 'Wheels on the Bus go round and round... all day long!'

  • Annie & Ben - Five senses song

    Do you how many senses does a human body have? Annie, Ben, and Mango travel around the city on their fun bicycle and experience the beauty of nature with their senses! Let's learn all about it from them!

  • Annie & Ben - Down by the Bay Song

    Animals are so interesting and fun! Learn all about their different sounds with Annie, Ben, and Mango in this fun song, Down by the bay!

  • HooplaKidz - King Elephant

    King Elephant is huge, loves to dance and sing and is so very cute. As he steps out of his castle flashing a bright smile, everyone falls in love with him. So come along, and together let's celebrate the King Elephant!

  • HooplaKidz - There Were 2 Mice

    Two little mice are having a sweet time, till a kitty cat comes to them and wishes to join them! She wants to dance and play, but will the mice even allow that? Let's find out!

  • All Babies Channel - The Little Sailboat

    Once there was a very little sailboat, but he didn’t, no he didn’t know how to sail. Sing along to this traditional song about the little sailboat who learns to sail!!

  • KidsCamp
    9 seasons


    9 seasons

    Elly and Eva from KidsCamp are two inquisitive girls that are always looking for fun things to do and oh, they always learn while they are at it! Do you want to join them? Then let's get started!

  • Learn Colors With Monster Painting

  • HooplaKidz - I Love Vegetables

    Do you like vegetables? Well, Annie and Ben love to eat veggies! And in this song they teach us that veggies are not just yummy but super beneficial for our health!

  • KidsCamp - I love my Sister

    We all love our sisters so very much, watch the NEW song I Love My Sister and take time to thank your sister for always being your best friend!

  • HooplaKidz
    16 seasons


    16 seasons

    HooplaKidz is a treasure box of your favorite characters. Every track will unfold new adventures and interesting details about animals, numbers and more, that you can learn and have fun with! Are you ready?

  • HooplaKidz - The Jungle Song

    Jungle Here We Come To You! Let's visit the Jungle with Annie, Ben, and Mango and learn more about wild animals!

  • Teehee Town
    3 seasons

    Teehee Town

    3 seasons

    Len and Mini at Teehee Town can never get enough of their exploring! With every day, they learn more and more, and they never shy from sharing it with you! Aren't you curious? We definitely are!

  • Annie And Ben - Fruits Song With Annie and Ben

    Hi Kids! Aren't fruits really yummy? Just like us, Annie, Ben, and Mango love to eat fruits! Check out this song where they teach us the benefits of different fruits!

  • Mango Mango! Yes Annie

    Let's learn more about healthy and unhealthy food in this fun kids song!