Nail Art

Nail Art

12 Episodes

Try these trendy nail art ideas from our collection of beautiful nail designs and stay stylish!

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Nail Art
  • Sweets Nail Art

    Episode 1

    Imagine candy on your finger nails? Cool isn’t it and good enough to eat? Try out these really awesome easy to do SWEETS NAIL ART and be the envy of everyone.

  • Humpty Dumpty Nails

    Episode 2

    Inspired by the wonderful world of Nursery Rhymes, Humpty Dumpty Nail art is the coolest and cutest nail art your kids and her friends would love to try out. Its fun, its different and its awesome!

  • Mermaid Nails

    Episode 3

    Make these beautiful mermaid nails with this nail art tutorial by HooplaKidz Style.

  • Mummy Nails

    Episode 4

    Make this super creepy nail art design with HooplaKidz Style and be ready for Halloween!

  • Christmas Reindeer Nail Art

    Episode 5

    Make these really cute Reindeer nails to impress Santa's Reindeers, especially Rudoff!!

  • Strawberry Nail Art

    Episode 6

    Gorgeous nail art good enough to eat and stylish enough to show off to friends and family. Watch them drool when they see your cool fruity DIY Strawberry nail art.

  • Back To School Nail Art

    Episode 7

    Nail art that can be done even if you are not in school because it is cool, stylish and simple to do. Nail art that will make you want to go back to school. Join your kids in try out. this uber style

  • Christmas Pudding Nail Art

    Episode 8

    Make your very own pudding but this time on you finger tips. This delocious looking nail art will surely make your christmas sweeter!

  • Lady Bug Nail Art

    Episode 9

    Giggles of joy will fill your world when you try out these cutesy, adorable, easy to do Lady Bug Nail Art on your little ones. You will want to give it a try one yourself too.Giggles of joy will fill your world when you try out these cutesy, adorable, easy to do Lady Bug Nail Art on your little o...

  • Christmas Snowman Nail Art

    Episode 10

    Do you want to build a snowman? Make this adorable Snowman Nail Art and enjoy making your snowman without a frost bit this winter.

  • Princess Nail Art

    Episode 11

    Try our easy DIY glittery, sparkly, pink, gorgeous Princess nail art perfect for little girls, tweens, teens and women of all ages and get ready to flaunt your style.

  • Water Marble Pumkin Nails

    Episode 12

    Use the water marble technique to create these really cool and unique pumpkin designs on your nails. Happy Halloween!!