Most Popular Kids Videos

  • Bingo Dog Song

    Bingo, the little dog is always excited and loves to play around. He enjoys going around butterflies, and other small birds. Watch and sing this classic English nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel.

  • Spider Finger Family Song

    Every member of the spider family is busy doing their own activity, let's see what they are all upto. We can sing along to the finger family song and gather everyone together for a little familly time.

  • Shark Vs Dino Finger Family

    Shark Finger Family Vs Dino Finger Family, whom do you think is better? Find all the members of the Shark & Dino Family in this fun peppy Finger Family Song by All Babies Channel.

  • Star Finger Family Song

    Look at the lovely shiny stars in the sky. Meet the Star family and sing along to the "Star Finger Family Song". The star family is shining bright just for you! Come join in the fun.

  • Learn Colors With Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Watch Elly catch little Johny stealing colorful candy, while he gets caught, little Johnny turns red and they both have a good laugh. Learn colors with Johny Johny yes Papa and Elly. Enjoy learning!

  • Learn Colors With Wheels On The Bus

    Sing along this fun and most popular nursery rhyme song for children called "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round" with our cute characters All Babies Channel.

  • Learn Colors With Cars Finger Family

    Vroom! Vroom! How lovely these cars look! Red, yellow, pink and many more! This is sure going to be a fun ride! Sing along to these amazing colored car 'Cars Finger Family' by All Babies Channel

  • Jungle Animals Where Are You

    Learning about animals can be so much fun, especially when it's a sing-along song. Let's join Elly and sing along to this fun Jungle Animal song and find out about jungle animals

  • This Little Sail Boat

    Try till you succeed and that's what this little sailboat teaches us. Once there was a very little sailboat, but he didn't know how to sail. Let's join and sing with him this fun song from KidsCamp

  • Learn Colors With Finger Family Elly

    Learning colors has never been so much fun! Elly loves the finger family song like you do kids! So join her and sing along with her to your favorite tune ever!

  • Wrong Face Fairy Face With Elly

    How magical is this! Elly transforms herself into a fairy. Lets put her fairy look together. Watch this fun video and see how we like Elly's new avatar.

  • Skeleton Robots Finger Family

    Len and Mini are here with the Robots Family grooving in the town. Enjoy the Skeleton Robots Finger Family song and sing along with your favorite Len and Mini.

  • Ringa Ringa Roses

    Come Play Ringa Ringa Roses with our cute characters Elphie, Tim, Leo and Pego & Sing along to Best Nursery Rhymes Songs of all time by All Babies Channel!

  • Spider Finger Family

    Every member of the spider family is busy doing their own activity, let's see what they are all upto. We can sing along to the finger family song and gather everyone together for a little familly time.

  • Shark Finger Family

    Yay...let's meet the shark family of All Babies Channel who enjoys playing different musical instruments. Join them to sing and dance on this new song!

  • Gummy Bear Finger Family

    Yummy gummy bears are here! Let's sing along with them to the finger family song and have the sweetest time! There's a mummy bear, papa bear and more. Sing along with the whole family in this familiar, fun song!

  • Rain Rain Go Away - Story Of How Tim, Leo, Pego And Elphie Made A New Friend

    Oh's raining! How will Tim, Kent, Leo and others play now? Sing along this classic English nursery rhyme of All Babies Channel and find out what happens.

  • Ice Cream Finger Family Song

    Elly and her friends are singing the ice cream finger family song, let's sing along with them and try to decide which flavour looks the tastiest, we think all of them, don't you?

  • Wheels On The Red Bus

    Oh Wow! What a beautiful Red Bus. Look how the wheels of the bus go round and round. Let's hop on to this cute bus and sing along to this classic nursery rhyme.

  • Peas Finger Family

    They are crazy, they are funny but most of all they are healthy for you. Come let's watch the antics of these funny little peas and sing along to our favourite finger family song.

  • Penguin Finger Family

    How cute are these Penguins! Happy little, chubby little, little penguins! Watch as these penguins have so much fun in the snow on All Babies Channel

  • This Old Man

    This Old Man played knick-knack on so many things and at so many places, to only come rolling back home. And while he is at it, you could learn your numbers from one to ten too! Hit play and enjoy this classic nursery rhyme by All Babies Channel.

  • Wheels On The Bus Colors Finger Family

    The KidsCamp bus station has five different colored buses and that forms a bus finger family! Orange, green, blue, yellow and red are the colors that are there on the fingers! Learn more about them in this fun kids song - Colored Wheels on the bus finger family!

  • Super Hero Finger Family

    The city is under threat and Tim calls out to the superheroes by singing the superhero finger family song. Let us watch and see how do these superheroes save Tim's city.