MOMO AND TULUS (38 Videos)

MOMO AND TULUS (38 Videos)

Momo and Tulus are cute inquisitive monsters who live on another planet and belong to another dimension. These mischievous monsters can unintentionally turn any situation into a series of fun and ridiculous moments, that will leave the audience in splits! Every episode throws an element of surprise at Momo and Tulus from the human world, be it a camera or a magnifying glass, of course, there is no explanation to what the item may be! They’re sure confused, but their curiosity leads them to interact, experiment, play and eventually make these elements a part of their own cool world.

MOMO AND TULUS (38 Videos)
  • The Sculpture

    Get ready to meet Momo the Sculptor! Could you have ever guessed that he could meticulously carve out a masterpiece from stone? Well, definitely not us! While he's working hard on a sculpture inspired by his Little Birdie, Tulus is completely awe-struck! He expresses his wish to Momo, of getting ...

  • Halloween Movie

    It's the Halloween night and after a traditional spooky movie time, Momo is super scared! This gives Tulus some really fun ideas to scare Momo! Can you guess what Tulus does? Let's find out!

  • Vending Machine

    Momo finds a vending machine with some delicious chocolates and treats sitting inside. He recollects Tulus having some pennies and decides to go borrow some from him. Does Tulus help Momo buy those delicious treats? Let's find out.

  • Magic

    Tulus is singing away to glory when a magic wand falls from the sky. He instantly decides to master being a magician, as he performs his tricks on Momo. Momo is quite impressed with Tulus's magician skills, unlike his feelings for Tulus's singing. But oh! Looks like Tulus has gone a bit overboard...

  • My Loyal Pet

    Momo and Tulus find a nest with two eggs and they each take one. Momo's egg hatches immediately, and he instantly falls in love with the little bird that hatches out, and Tulus awaits his little angel. Awaiting his egg to hatch there maybe an unexpected surprise inside! Let's find out.

  • Bowling

    Tulus is enjoying some berries from the plants when a heavy bowling ball falls from the sky. While they figure how to play with this new ball, a few bowling pins fall too! Can Momo and Tulus piece this together and learn to play this new game? Let's find out.

  • Painting Battle

    At tea time, Momo and Tulus find a paint tube that falls from the sky. On squeezing it they completely enjoy the color splash and begin a paint battle! But do they actually end up painting with it? Let's find out!

  • The Clock is Ticking

    Tulus is enjoying a really sound sleep and Momo decides to snap him out of it with his pranks. To add to his fun, a ticking clock falls and appears next to Tulus however it won't stop ringing! The naughty Momo is upto some mischief! Will Tulus be able to go back to his sweet sleep? Let's find out.

  • Silly Selfies

    Tulus is on a fun walk when an instant photo camera falls on him. He throws it away not knowing what to do with it, and it accidently clicks a gorgeous picture of Tulus. On seeing this, he is super thrilled with the camera however doesn't know how to click himself. Will he be able to get some mor...

  • Plant in a Pot

    Momo and Tulus are happily chasing a beautiful butterfly, till a pot full of mud falls from the sky. While they're stil trying to figure out what to do with that, some seeds appear, which they throw into the pot. Will they be able to nurture a plant? Let's find out!

  • Music Mayhem

    On a regular day, Momo and Tulus are gardning, till a stereo falls from the sky. Tulus is so cross about it falling on his little plant, that he throws it away. The stereo starts to play some fun music. Wow, this is completely new to Momo and Tulus. What will that do? Let's find out.

  • The Funny Football

    Momo and Tulus are enjoying their tea, when a footballs falls on to them breaking their lovely tea set. A very upset Tulus kicks the ball away! But to his surprise, the ball bounces back. Will Momo and Tulus learn the true purpose of a football? Let's find out.

  • Bubble Trouble

    Momo is spending some quality time with his little bird, when a bubble bottle falls from the sky. Curious Momo opens the bottle and ends up sneezing, causing many bubbles to float. When he snaps out of the moment, he realises his little bird is caught in a bubble and cannot escape. Momo religious...

  • The Ant And The Magnifying Glass

    Tulus is in the middle of a calming yoga session when a Magnifying glass falls from the sky, and begins to mysteriously slide away. Curious Momo tries to investigate why and learns that it's a little Ant dragging it. Both Momo and Tulus seem to have upset the Ant by disturbing it's task. Are they...

  • Skateboard

    Momo is building a royal sandcastle when a skateboard falls on it and completely destroys it. This upsets Momo and he rolls it away, which give Tulus a big tumble! What do they even do with this skateboard? Will they learn how to skate and have fun with it? Let's find out!

  • Ice Cream

    Momo and Tulus are enjoying a fun football game when a waffle ice-cream cone falls from the sky! While it smells delicious, they're not too sure about how to relish it. Just when they are wondering, an ice-cream scoop falls and ofcourse, it's love at first bite! Do they get to enjoy more ice-crea...

  • Tap Shoes

    One perfectly fitting Tap shoe lands on Momo and one on Tulus. While they're both super excited to participate in the Tap Dance, they both only own one shoe each. Will they find themselves another one to complete the pair to have flawless dance? Let's find out.

  • Little Car

    Tulus is checking himself out in a mirror when a little car comes to disturb him! Furious Tulus chases the car that gives him a real run! Will he be able to catch the car? And who is operating this car? Let's find out!

  • Balloons

    Momo and Tulus find a bag of colorful balloons that may have fallen from the sky! This one they figured out quiet fast! They're already trying to blow the balloons for the thrill, but can they maintain a fully blown one. Let's find out.

  • Red Carpet

    Tulus is basking in some paparrazi, on a red carpet wearing a really cool pair of shades! And Momo, clearly fancies that pair! He requests Tulus for them over and over. Will Tulus agree to share his glory and glasses with Momo? Let's find out!

  • Ballet Dancing

    Tulus is enjoying in his new found love- dancing. Only this time, it's ballet! But oh, looks like its a bit more difficult than the other dance forms. Clearly it's hard to please the judges - Momo and his little bird. Will Tulus dance well? Let's find out!

  • Summer Heat

    It's a super hot day and Momo and Tulus have officially run out of water. Just then, a paper fan falls from the sky on Tulus. This brings him some relief and he won't share it with Momo. Well, there's something even more fun and cooler that falls from the sky for Momo. Can you guess what that is?...

  • Momo's Hungry

    Momo is super hungry, so much so, that he can hear his tummy scream 'I'm hungry!'. Everything that he looks at seems to be teasing him with food, but alas, he can't have any! Will Momo find some food to calm his poor belly? Let's find out!

  • Christmas Tree Decoration

    It's the Christmas spirit everywhere! Even on Momo and Tulus's planet. Tulus is very excited to decorate his Christmas Tree, but Momo doesn't want to take his wish so seriously and is goofing around. Will Tulus be able to put together his tree? Let's find out.