Mango Minutes

Mango Minutes

2 Seasons

Mango Minutes follows Mango a goal-oriented primate that figures things out only after he tries again and again and again. Mango makes silly monkey mistakes along the way (we all do after all) with even sillier results, but Mango never lets that get him down. Whether Mango’s baking banana bread, growing bananas, or opening up a coconut, Mango always finds a creative and unexpected solution because he is the little monkey that can.

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Mango Minutes
  • Dinner With Mango

    Episode 1

    Mango is very hungry and he spots a famous French restaurant. But poor Mango isnt allowed to dine. But mango wont give up and has a delicious meal, Want to know how?

  • Gamer Mango Madness

    Episode 2

    Mango enters the gaming world, and fights the space monster with his friend. Are you ready to fight the space monster in this adventure? Well then Suit Up!

  • Mango Kung Fu

    Episode 3

    Mango is channeling his inner Zen and practicing the art of Kung Fu. But where there is Mango, there's no Peace. A cute blue fly is pranking the prankster itself. See how Mango loses his cool in this funny cartoon.

  • Mango Tango

    Episode 4

    On this beautiful day, Mango visits the Fun Fair. Where he finds so many interesting games and hungry to win the prizes too! But the competition is very intense. Did Mango won or not? What do you think?

  • Mango Hot Air Balloon

    Episode 5

    It's a bright sunny day & Mango wants to try the Hot Air Balloon Ride. But a cranky crow eats all of Mango's Food, Even his favorite Banana! What happens next? Watch this funny cartoon - Mango Minutes

  • Mango Jockey

    Episode 6

    Mango wants to participate in the Annual Horse Race! But he is facing trouble with his Horse. Let's find out how Mango tricks the Horse into racing in this funny cartoon - Mango Minutes.

  • Mango North Pole

    Episode 7

    Merry Christmas! Mango is in a holiday mood. He is visiting kids favorite, Santa Claus. But the security is not allowing him. Check out how Mango makes his way and there's more surprise! Ho Ho Ho!

  • Mango Vending Machine

    Episode 8

    As Mango was walking on the streets, he came cross a Vending Machine. And it had only one Golden Banana left. Mango tried his best to get the Banana but the Machine had its own plans. Watch this funny cartoon to know what happens next.