Mango Minutes

Mango Minutes

Mango Minutes follows Mango a goal-oriented primate that figures things out only after he tries again and again and again. Mango makes silly monkey mistakes along the way (we all do after all) with even sillier results, but Mango never lets that get him down. Whether Mango’s baking banana bread, growing bananas, or opening up a coconut, Mango always finds a creative and unexpected solution because he is the little monkey that can.

Mango Minutes
  • Mango Sphinx

    On a hot sunny Mango is on his way to build the Sphinx, but of course, lazy Mango knows how to mess this up through a series of funny events! How did he do so? Let's find out.

  • Mango Pitbull

    While relishing a Banana, Mango unattentively tosses off his football to a dangerous Pitbull's territory. His next agenda now is to bring the football back! Does he manage to bring the ball back from under the Pitbull's nose! Let's find out!

  • Mango Scientist

    Mango is the assistant to an evil Scientist who a bit mean to Mango too! As much as Mango doesnt like this boss, he loves to explore the different types of lab equipment around him to become a scientist himself! One day, he decides to explore a Mummy in the lab. Can you guess what happens next? L...

  • Mango In Love

    On a bright sunny morning, Mango is acing a Volleyball with his bunney friends, till he is love-struck and smitten by something extremely attractive! Can you guess what that is? Let's find out!

  • Mango Mail

    Mango is riding around the town on his bicycle dropping the mail along the way! While at it, he encounters a dog who choses to shred the mail delivered rather than keeping it safe it for his master. Will Mango be able to save the mail from the dog? Let's find out!

  • Mango Jet

    Mango is all set to fly to Africa and is headed to the Airport with a large suitcase filled with bananas. An officer at the Airport doesn't let him board the flight as bananas are not allowed! Can you guess what Mango does with them? Let's find out!

  • Mango and the berries

    On a bright sunny day, Mango steps out to fill his basket with some red delicious berries. But he isn't alone, there's a Bunny too! Slowly, all the berries are in the Bunny's gunny, and very few are in Mango's basket! Oh no! What's Mango going to do now?

  • Mango watches the birds

    Mango is out exploring the beauty of birds today, with his camera! Everywhere he finds one, he clicks a picture of them for his photo album. Just when the album looks complete, he realizes there's one picture missing! Where is this mysterious bird and how does Mango get a picture? Will he be able...

  • Mango Movie Phone

    Mango proudly holds his trophy from the Grand Bowling Tournament he just played and decides to treat himself to his favorite movie. But someone in the theatre is completely spoiling the movie for him by talking on the phone the WHOLE time! Will Mango be able to make him stop? Let's find out!

  • Mango Muscles

    Mango is determined to work on his muscles at the Gym and approaches a trainer for some help. He tries his hands on various exercises and weights. Do you think he can succeed at buliding a little muscle? Let's find out!

  • Mango in the train

    Mango is all packed up and headed to his dream destination- Banana Land. He decides to take the first train. But oh oh... clumsy Mango is in a soup again with a series of funny events that take place on the train! Aren't you curious?