LULLABIES (8 Videos)

LULLABIES (8 Videos)

Rock your babies to a good night's sleep as they listen to a collection of instrumental melodies featuring all kids' favorite characters Annie, Kent and Elly. Each song will help the babies relax and will peacefully drift them into their sparkling and magical dreamland

LULLABIES (8 Videos)
  • Hush Little Baby

    Hush your little one to sleep with this soothing lullaby that'll quickly transport your babies to their favorite dreamland. Listen to this version of Hush Little Baby - a beautiful classic song by HooplaKidz.

  • Kent's Lullaby Sleeping Music Mid Sleep

    Enjoy this soothing and calm music specially designed for babies to sleep peacefully. These instrumental melodies by Kent The Elephant can relax the baby instantly.

  • Lullaby Soothingkent

    Enjoy this smoothing calm music specially designed for babies to sleep peacefully. Baby sleep music comes in all styles! Here on our baby music channel we have a wide range of relaxing and soothing baby songs and music for babies by Kent The Elephant

  • Rock A Bye Baby

    Hushh..! It's a starry beautiful night and Mama is trying to put her little one to bed. Let's sing this classic lullaby of All Babies Channel and help Mama too.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    On a beautiful starry night sweet little Elly is singing the classic nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and observing the night sky in hopes of meeting her little star friend shining bright in the sky. So let's watch and find out if their magical reunion took place.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    On a starry night when Leo and Kent are fast asleep, Pego is staring at the starry sky and explores the starry night sky. Sing along the twinkle twinkle little star song and explore the starry sky with them.

  • Annie's Dream Lullaby Part 1

    Come let's go to the magical world of Annie and her friends, where we float on clouds, among stars and planets and get ready for a peaceful slumber to the sound of the most soothing music!

  • Annie's Dream Lullaby Part 2

    Join Annie, in her magical world with her friends, where she's having a series of calm and soothing moments as she floats on clouds and gets ready for sweet dreams!

  • Annie's Dream Lullaby Part 3

    Listening to calm and soothing music is the best way to slip into a peaceful slumber. Join Annie, in her magical world of fluffy clouds, twinkling stars and sparkling planets!

  • Annie's Dream Lullaby Part 4

    Rock your babies into a calm, peaceful and perfect slumber as they listen to these soothing melodies featuring Annie and her magical land of dreamy surprises!

  • Kent's Dream Lullaby Sleeping Music

    Let the little ones relax as they sway to this calm and soothing music and prepare for a perfect and peaceful night sleep, by Kent The Elephant.

  • Elly Dream Lullaby Part 1

    A sweet lullaby for your little one! Lullabies can help children get a peaceful sleep. KidsCamp presents bed time music for children so that they can drift away to dreamland!

  • Elly Dream Lullaby Part 2

    Lullabies are a lovely way to soothe your baby and help you bond. KidsCamp presents bed time music for children so they can seemlessly drift away into their dreamland. Cradle your little loved ones with this soothing bedtime music!