ABC Learning Club for Toddlers

ABC Learning Club for Toddlers

5 Episodes

A perfect collection of videos that will teach your toddlers just what they need to learn such as vehicles, vegetables, the difference between healthy and unhealthy and more such interesting topics! Let's hit play and get started!

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ABC Learning Club for Toddlers
  • All Babies Channel - Learn Vehicles With Pego

    Episode 1

    Pego takes us to the classroom and brings his book on vehicles. Here he is teaching us about the different vehicles and how to remember them from our daily lives.

  • All Babies Channel - Leo Teaches Healthy - Unhealthy

    Episode 2

    Luke the Lion is on a trip to the supermarket and there he has a variety of food items. He has been given a task to separate the food items as healthy and unhealthy. Let's learn with Luke about healthy and unhealthy foods.

  • All Babies Channel - Star Gazing

    Episode 3

    Pego and Luke are laying in the garden in the night below the sky filled with twinkling stars. They look at the stars and identify the different imaginative fruits they see in the stars.

  • All Babies Channel - Luke Eats Vegetables

    Episode 4

    Are you ready to spin the wheel of surprises? When the wheel stops, every box has fun of surprise for you! Aren't you curious? Hit play to find out!

  • Kent the Elephant - Draw Magic Lines

    Episode 5

    Kent finds his friends sitting in the garden and eating fruits when he asks them if he can have the fruits they ask him to complete the task of the day. The task for Kent was to draw the different lines. Watch this video to know if Kent was able to complete the task and have the fruits.