Learn with ABC

Learn with ABC

8 Episodes

Tim, Luke, Kent, and Mumu have come together and are all set to learn new things such as shapes, manners and more while they have fun with swimming, a time machine and more! We sure are very curious! What about you?

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Learn with ABC
  • All Babies Channel - Football Match With Leo And Kent

    Episode 1

    Tim- the Monkey, Luke- the Lion, Mumu- the Bull and Kent the Elephant are four best friends who love learning new things almost every day! Join them learn all about colors, numbers, shapes alphabets and more in fun and innovative ways. We promise you'll have fun whilst you get smarter!

  • All Babies Channel - Learn Shapes In Galaxy

    Episode 2

    Luke, Tim, Mumu, and Kent are going on an adventurous journey. They find a spaceship outside their house and decide to explore space. They are in search of different shapes in space, let's be a part of their journey and learn about different shapes.

  • All Babies Channel - Leo, Monday And Kent Race

    Episode 3

    Luke, Kent, and Monday are getting geared to compete against each other in the hurdle race. Watch the video to see the nail-biting run of the three contestants.

  • All Babies Channel - Sorry Thank You With Pego

    Episode 4

    Kent and Pego are enjoying their beautiful day by going to the park. But this was not a regular visit to the park, Pego started chasing Kent fumingly and you know why, because Kent did not use his good manners. Watch the video to see if Pego could teach Kent the good manners to say Sorry, Thank You!

  • All Babies Channel - Swimming Competition

    Episode 5

    Luke the Lion, Monday the Monster and Kent the Elephant gear up for the exciting swimming competition. Let us find out to see who swims well and is the winner of this competition.

  • All Babies Channel - Swimming Pool And Giant Slide Final

    Episode 6

    Kent thinks of doing something exciting and talks to his friends Luke, Pego, Monday, and Mumu. They all plan to go to the waterpark and enjoy the exciting water slides and activities. Watch the video to see all the fun they do.

  • Kent the Elephant - Kent's Time Machine

    Episode 7

    The cute and mischievous Kent finds a time machine and goes to the stone age era in this time machine. He visits the stone age house and sees the drawings on the wall and colors it. Find out more by watching this video to know what all Kent does in the stone age era.

  • Kent the Elephant - Share Toys With Kent

    Episode 8

    Kent the Elephant gets the quest of the day in which he is supposedĀ to play with his friends. He finds a basket full of toys outside his house and is looking for his friends to play with it. Let us find out about the different toys Kent has and how does he play the toys with his friends.