Kent The Elephant - Preschool Learning Videos

Kent The Elephant - Preschool Learning Videos

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Kent The Elephant - Preschool Learning Videos
  • Bath Time With Kent

    Luke sees Kent covered with mud and playing in the living room. He carries him to the bathroom to give him a bath! What happens then? Let us sing along the bath song and learn more.

  • Ten Little Baby Shark

    It is so much fun to swim under the sea! Watch my cute shark friends as they perform some amazing tricks! Dive into this underwater adventure with Kent and his friends!

  • Fruits Song

    Hello Kids! Welcome to Kent The Elephant. Kent is a cute, funny elephant who sings and dances to some fun nursery rhymes and kids songs as well as teaches colors, vehicles, fruits, animals and much more to all you lovely children! He also takes part in some fun adventures and amazing games! So co...

  • Be Kind Song

    Be Kind to Everyone is a super fun learning song about being nice to everyone you meet. In a world where you can be anything be kind! So come sing along with Kent and his friends this super fun song, 'Be Kind to Everyone'.

  • Box Of Crayons

    Kent has got a lovely surprise for Luke and he looks so excited to open it! Don’t you want to know what’s inside it? Sing along quirky song ‘Box of Crayon’s’ and learn super fun colors with Kent The Elephant

  • What Color Is The Lemon

    Groove to this peppy tune of 'What color is the lemon' a fun fruity song which also teaches you lovely colors! Isn't that interesting? So join Kent as he will take us on this fruitful adventure.

  • Color Song

    All around the world, you will see colors are everywhere with you and me... Colors make the world a beautiful place! Don't you want to learn all about them? Groove to this magical color song by Kent The Elephant.

  • Tim And Kent Egg Adventure Part 2

    In the previous episode, Tim and Kent find a find the mysterious egg which leads them to a magical door, but yet again they have to solve another puzzle which will lead them to the magical Surprise egg! but will they be able to manage let's find out!

  • Learn to Sort Trash With Kent

  • I Saw Three Ships

    Sing out loud to the I saw Three Ships classic Christmas carol along with Kent, Tim, and Luke, this Christmas, and let's make a snowman and play with snowballs! Hurray!

  • Let's Go To Sleep

    Sing this fun and cute nursery rhyme song for kids and children while playing with Kent, Luke, and Mumu! Let's go to sleep with this fun rhyme, All Babies Channel

  • Greetings Song

    Kent is starting his beautiful day with a wonderful Greetings Song and wishes everyone Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night. Let's join him and sing together this lovely nursery rhyme with Kent The Elephant.

  • Sailor Went To The Sea

    When Kent the sailor when to the sea, did you know what did he see? The deep blue sea, the numerous fishes and so much more. So come join Kent and his friends while they sail the ship and sing along Sailor Went To The Sea Song with Kent The Elephant.

  • I Am A Little Snowman

    Kent and Tim are building a snowman this Christmas! Join them and sing the super simple, super cute, and super fun Christmas Song, 'I am a Little Snowman'.

  • Christmas Do Do Do

    Kent, Tim, Luke and Mumu are decorating the Christmas Tree and awaiting for the Santa to arrive with their gifts as they sing along to this merry tune!

  • Kent The Elephant - I Love Books

    Books are so much fun to read! They teach us so many things plus we also learn to read! Come join in the fun world of books with Kent as he discovers fun things!

  • Kent The Elephant - 1-2 Bake A Cake

    Let's bake a cake with our cute kent the elephant, Baking is so much fun! specially when you're friends are helping you! Join us as we all going to have so much fun baking a cake together today! Let’s bake it just right, and it will be so tasty when it comes out of the oven! Clap along to this or...

  • Kent The Elephant -Happiness Song

    Happiness is in sharing and helping your friends, happiness is also around us!! Come let's spread some smiles and sing along to this sweet song with your favorite friends Kent and Luke and Tim!!

  • Kent The Elephant - Down By The Bay

    Did you ever see a cat wearing a hat? Did you ever see a dog talking to a frog? Well, you can in this video. Join Kent and sing along with this delightful animated version and the popular nursery rhyme, ' Down by the bay.

  • The Phonics Song

    Do you know your ABCs? Let’s see, A for Apple, B for Ball, C for …? CAT! Join Kent in this fun phonic song and learn your ABCs on Kent The Elephant

  • Kitty Cat

    Cats are awesome, and super funny too! Who doesn't like cats and kittens? They make us laugh and happy! Let's find out how Kent The Elephant and his friend Kitty Cat are spending their day and sing along on the Kitty Cat Song.

  • Planet Song

    Kent and his friends are on a space adventure! Come let's explore these awesome planets and learn about them. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, do you know how many planets we have in our solar system? So come let's sing along to the 'Planet Song' with Kent The Elephant.

  • Kent the Elephant - Wheels on the Bus Painting with Kent

    The color on the bus gets washed off with heavy rain! Kent is on the bus driving it through the town singing the fun 'Wheels on the bus'. Are you ready to paint the bus with Kent? Let's get started!

  • Kent The Elephant - Who Am I Guess The Profession

    Do you know what you want to be when you're a grown-up? And what are the costumes, and the vehicles of those professions? Join Kent as he explores and learns all the professions in this super fun video.