KidsCamp #Shorts

KidsCamp #Shorts

4 Episodes

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KidsCamp #Shorts
  • Ice Cream Song

    Episode 1

    Who doesn't love ice cream, right? Come join Elly and Eva and sing along in this Ice cream song as they enjoy the delicious silky-smooth ice creams in their ice cream world. Also sing many more fun nursery rhymes & baby songs by KidsCamp! #shorts #rhymesforkids #nurseryrhymes #kidscamp

  • Three Little Kittens

    Episode 2

    Three little sweet kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry! Elly and Eva help them out in finding out their lost mittens and treat them with a delicious pie. Let's join them and sing along this fun song.

  • Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Episode 3

    Sweets things are everyone's favorite and eating sweets is so delicious. Johnny also loved sweets and he went to the kitchen hidingly to eat some sugar but when caught by his father he lied to him. Let us find out what Johnny's father tells him after he catches Johnny having sugar.

  • I Had A Little Turtle

    Episode 4

    Elly and Eva have got a little cute turtle to join their pet turtle, Tiny Tim and looks like they are having lots of fun. Let's join them and sing along the fun song, 'Bubbles Bubbles'.