Hooplakidz #Shorts

Hooplakidz #Shorts

28 Episodes

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Hooplakidz #Shorts
  • Bath Song

    Episode 1

    Its time for a scrub, scrubby, scrub, scrub. Splash around in the tubby, tub, tub! Watch this bath song shorts and sing along with kent, luke, tim and mumu

  • Hush Little Baby

    Episode 2

    Come let's go to the magical world of Annie and her friends, where we float on clouds, among stars and planets, and get ready for a peaceful slumber to the sound of the most soothing music! Sleep well children and Good Night from HooplaKidz

  • Scary Johny Johny

    Episode 3

    What's spookier than a baby zombie who loves to nibble on the tasty sweets and chocolates? Don't you want to have some too? So join us and sing along to this fun Halloween song by All Babies Channel!

  • Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Episode 4

    Who doesn't enjoy eating candies and cookies! Little Johny loves eating the cookies and also hides them from his father. Join him and sing the Johny Johny nursery rhyme of HooplaKidz.

  • Dinosaur Song

    Episode 5

    Take a few many steps behind and let's explore the Dinosaur land whilst you learn all about their different types and kind in this fun kids song by HooplaKidz. So hit play and sing "Dinosaur Song for kids"

  • Five Cute Fruits

    Episode 6

    You already know how healthy fruits are. But did you know how naughty they are as well? Here's a nursery rhyme, as old as time, teaching you all about fruits and colors. Shall we sing the song for you? If you know the lyrics, sing along!

  • Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Episode 7

    Sweets things are everyone's favorite and eating sweets is so delicious. Johnny also loved sweets and he went to the kitchen hidingly to eat some sugar but when caught by his father he lied to him. Let us find out what Johnny's father tells him after he catches Johnny having sugar.

  • Vroom Vroom Car Song

    Episode 8

    "Strap on your seatbelt, start your engines, and get set ready for a fun car ride with Kent, The Elephant! Vroom Vroom Vroom! Make way for Kent's new shiny car that goes all around the city! Sing out loud and join us!"

  • Morning Routine With Kent

    Episode 9

    Let's explore a day in the life of our cute Kent as he gets ready for school. Watch him brush his teeth, have a bath, and eat breakfast. Imitate and learn good habits with Kent in this fun educational video.

  • Ice Cream Song

    Episode 10

    Who doesn't love ice cream, right? Come join Elly and Eva and sing along in this Ice cream song as they enjoy the delicious silky-smooth ice creams in their ice cream world. Also sing many more fun nursery rhymes & baby songs by KidsCamp! #shorts #rhymesforkids #nurseryrhymes #kidscamp

  • This is the way we brush

    Episode 11

    Follow this morning routine while singing the nursery rhyme, This is the way we brush our teeth with Kent, Tim, Luke, Pego and Mumu only with All Babies Channel

  • Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Episode 12

    Little Johny seems to be nibbling on the tasty cookies and chocolates. Don't you want to have some too? Let's join them in this fun English classic rhyme of All Babies Channel.

  • This is the way we brush

    Episode 13

    Who said morning routines are boring? Mango has a lot of fun as he begins a brand new day. Are you ready? Let's sing along and have a beautiful day ahead!

  • Wheels On The Bus

    Episode 14

    Hey Kids! Kent The Elephant is out for another adventure on his bus, sing along to Kent on Wheels on the bus go round and round while painting this bus painted with amazing colors!

  • Yes Yes Smoothie Song

    Episode 15

    Fruits are so delicious! But smoothies are yummier. So come sing along with Kent & Luke as they make delicious yummy smoothies made out of fresh fruits! Doesn't that sound yummy? Keep watching!

  • Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

    Episode 16

    Practice your dance moves and learn about your head, shoulders, knees, and toes with Superheroes by All Babies Channel in this super fun educational song.

  • The Sport Song

    Episode 17

    Sing along to the Sports Song with Kent and Tim as they play different types of sports. Watch the Kent the elephant rhymes and kids videos for kids for great home school learning.

  • Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Episode 18

    Little Johny ate candies and lied to his papa. He got caught lying when he opened his mouth with full of candies. Elly and Eva recreate the famous song in a fun way. Let's join them and sing along.

  • Five Little Monkeys

    Episode 19

    The five little monkeys are fun but super naughty! They love to jump on the bed, and get their heads bumped - one by one! Their worried mother rings up the doctor every time one gets hurt.

  • Scary If You're Happy and You Know It

    Episode 20

    Kent and Tim no longer clap their hands when they're happy! They crack some bones! Enjoy this Halloween special which puts a fun little twist on the classic 'If You're Happy and You Know It' song!

  • Five Little Buses

    Episode 21

    Five colorful buses jumping on the road! While enjoying the rhythmic music the buses start bumping their heads. The Tractor Doctor strictly says "No more buses jumping on the road”, but that won’t stop us from jumping to this tune!

  • I love Vegetables

    Episode 22

    Vegetables are so healthy to eat and learning about them is also fun with the vegetable song. Watch and learn about the different vegetables with the vegetable song.

  • Three Little Kittens

    Episode 23

    Three little sweet kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry! Elly and Eva help them out in finding out their lost mittens and treat them with a delicious pie. Let's join them and sing along this fun song.

  • I Had A Little Turtle

    Episode 24

    Elly and Eva have got a little cute turtle to join their pet turtle, Tiny Tim and looks like they are having lots of fun. Let's join them and sing along the fun song, 'Bubbles Bubbles'.