Kent The Elephant

Kent The Elephant

8 Seasons

Kent The Elephant is an animated Cute Character developed especially for Kids to Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, etc in a fun way!!

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Kent The Elephant
  • Connect the Dots with Kent the Elephant

    Episode 1

    Kent is here to draw himself, quite difficult you'd think? No, not really! As he has the simple dots to connect to complete his drawing and all he has to do is follow the numbers and connect them correctly! Ready to learn numbers while you have fun with Kent? Let's go, kids!

  • Which Fruit or Vegetable is this

    Episode 2

    Join Kent the Elephant while he finds the Fruits and Vegetables while he learns Fruits and Vegetable Names for Kids in this fun garden! Also, learn many more educational videos for kids by Kent the Elephant.

  • Bake A Cake with Kent

    Episode 3

    Cakes are so delicious. Do you like to eat yummy cakes? Today our cute baker Kent is going to teach you how to make tasty cakes. So come let's join him to decorate these lovely cakes only Kent The Elephant. 

  • Fill the colors in the fruits

    Episode 4

    Learning colors is so much fun. Our cute Kent is going to teach you all colors with the help of fruits! Doesn't that sound interesting? So come join him in this fun venture!

  • The Fruit Train

    Episode 5

    Choo! Choo! Would you like to hop on a fruit train? Doesn't that sound fun? Fruits are so yummy and delicious! So come join Kent delivering fresh fruits from farm to station only on Kent The Elephant

  • Learn Opposites With Kent

    Episode 6

    Today our cute Kent ?teaches kids all about Opposites. They help to enhance a child's word recognition and vocabulary do watch this educational yet fun learning video only on Kent The Elephant.

  • Guess the Missing Part of the Animal

    Episode 7

    Ready? Set... Go! For a fun ride to the jungle on a safari truck! where you will come across many animals, But there's something missing, will you be able to guess the what is that? Come join Kent and guess the missing part of Animals