Kent The Elephant

Kent The Elephant

8 Seasons

Kent The Elephant is an animated Cute Character developed especially for Kids to Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, etc in a fun way!!

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Kent The Elephant
  • Kent The Elephant - Match The Rhyming Words

    Episode 1

    YAY! It is Rhyme Time! Cat, Mat, Hat! Do we know any more? Yes. there are lots! Rhyme is important to learn because it teaches children about the language. Rhyming helps children learn about word families such as let, met, pet, wet, and get. Let us match the rhyming words with Kent!

  • Kent The Elephant - Five Senses Puzzle

    Episode 2

    It's time to learn about our Five senses with Kent The Elephant! Let's solve this amazing puzzle and find out what we do with our eyes, ears, tongue, nose and hands!

  • Kent The Elephant - Guess The Fruits

    Episode 3

    Kent is at school and he is playing a cool game called Guess the fruits! Apple, Banana, Pears and more. Let's Help Kent to guess fruits! It is always fun to learn with Kent!

  • Kent The Elephant - Learn Numbers With Shape Sorting Clock

    Episode 4

    ​Hi Kids! I am Kent back with another fun learning video and today we are going to learn all about numbers using shapes sorting clock! Oo! How exciting! ​Let's start the fun! ​

  • Kent The Elephant - Match Correctly

    Episode 5

    Hey Kids! Kent is back with another fun Learning video this time let's match the words correctly to the picture, doesn't that sounds fun? So come let's join Kent

  • Kent The Elephant - Match The Animals Shape

    Episode 6

    Shapes are so much fun to play with. This is the most fun way to learn about shapes. Let us help Kent to match the correct animals.

  • Kent The Elephant - Match The Picture To The Word

    Episode 7

    Matching and sorting activities can also be good for developing fine motor skills. Learn & Enjoy this video and Match the Pictures with words.​So come join Kent in this fun learning video by Kent The Elephant​

  • Kent The Elephant - Odd One Out

    Episode 8

    It's time to brush up on our concentration skills, friends! Let us find the odd one out, it is always fun while finding the odd one, it not only helps to concentrate on our skills but also boost our memory so come join Kent.

  • Kent The Elephant - Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Episode 9

    Sweets things are everyone's favorite and eating sweets is so delicious. Johnny also loved sweets and he went to the kitchen hidingly to eat some sugar but when caught by his father he lied to him. Let us find out what Johnny's father tells him after he catches Johnny having sugar.