Kent The Elephant

Kent The Elephant

8 Seasons

Kent The Elephant is an animated Cute Character developed especially for Kids to Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, etc in a fun way!!

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Kent The Elephant
  • Kent The Elephant - All we find on a playground

    Episode 1

    A playground should encourage kids to run, jump, toss, throw, hop, slide, swing, climb and MOVE. Today Kent will help us know what all objects are found on a playground.

  • Kent The Elephant - Build a soccer field

    Episode 2

    What is the most fun thing about playing soccer? Playing a team sport like youth soccer is a great way to get some exercise in! Join Kent and Monday as they build a fun soccerfield!

  • Kent The Elephant - Build A Swimming Pool

    Episode 3

    Kent thinks of doing something exciting and talks to his friend Monday. They plan to build a swimming pool and enjoy the exciting water slides and activities. Watch the video to see all the fun they do.

  • Kent The Elephant - Build Children Playground

    Episode 4

    A playground provides the environment needed for children to engage in elements that develop key cognitive, social and physical skills. Kent and Monday are all set to build a amazing playground for lovely kids! So don't you want to join them?

  • Kent The Elephant - Vehicle Jigsaw Puzzle

    Episode 5

    What's the best way to build logic skills and help them recognize shapes and patterns? Let's play with Kent this favorite jigsaw puzzle game! only on Kent The Elephant

  • Kent The Elephant - What Vehicle Do I Need

    Episode 6

    Hey Kids! Kent is back with another fun video! and this time let's help kent with what vehicle he needs while learning vehicles! So come join him on Kent The Elephant.

  • Kent the Elephant - Painting Underwater Animals

    Episode 7

    Kids love to paint! Don't they? Kent is back with an amazing painting underwater animal video! So come let's learn to paint sea animals with kent the elephant.

  • Kent the Elephant - What Fits Together

    Episode 8

    Hey Kids! Brain teasers are so much fun! they help you focus on your studies more effectivley! Kent is back with another exciting video called 'What Fit's Together' so come let's help to fit the objects together.

  • Kent the Elephant - Learn Different Kinds Of Flowers

    Episode 9

    Games and activities to teach your kids about flowers. ... ones can also learn more about biology, art, A flower is the part of a plant that blossoms and Today Kent is going to teach us different kinds of flowers.

  • Kent the Elephant - Kent And His Things From His School Bag

    Episode 10

    A well-packed school bag makes it easier to remember things, to find things, and to carry it all. Kent on his way to his school but before that, he needs to pack his school bag so come let's help him.

  • Kent the Elephant - Missing Letters

    Episode 11

    Hi Kids! Welcome to Kent's fun world of learning! Today let's find the missing letters! Help kent to find the missing letters in this fun learning video for toddlers.

  • Kent the Elephant - How Many Can You Count

    Episode 12

    Teaching children to count involves more than helping them learn the numbers one to ten and improving their intelligence, So come help Kent count as much as you can!

  • Kent the Elephant - Jelly On The Plate

    Episode 13

    Kent is learning all about the different treats and food whilst making them! Join him as he discovers the different qualities the jelly, honey, popcorn, etc have in this fun kids song - Jelly On A Plate by Kent The Elephant