Kent The Elephant

Kent The Elephant

9 Seasons

Kent The Elephant is an animated Cute Character developed especially for Kids to Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, etc in a fun way!!

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Kent The Elephant
  • Kent the Elephant - Kent's Journey To Find The Treasure

    Episode 1

    Treasure hunters have gone to great lengths to discover treasure so come join Kent The Elephant as he sets out on an amazing adventure to find his precious treasure while he learning different types of transport.

  • Kent the Elephant - Build the house with Kent

    Episode 2

    Kent is here to teach you all lovely kids about colors in a fun and interesting way how you can build a bus with these lovely colors, so come join him, and let's learn.

  • Kent the Elephant - Spot the difference

    Episode 3

    Spot the difference is a fun game that helps your child to concentrate, think, and learn to notice detail. Join Kent, Luke, and Tim and try for yourself and see how many differences you can find on Kent The Elephant.

  • Kent the Elephant - Farm Animal Jigsaw puzzle

    Episode 4

    Kent teaches us farm animals in a very simple way through a jigsaw puzzle. Kent solves the puzzle of the parts and also teaches us cute farm animals so come join him.

  • Kent the Elephant - Kent Shopping list

    Episode 5

    Elly and Eva are out grocery shopping, and one of their shelfs have 10 yummy fruits. These naughty fruits kept rolling over because the little one said so, and one by one fell in the trolley! What happened then? Learn all about the different fruits in this fun kids song by Kids Camp.

  • Kent the Elephant - Learn Colors With Kent Toy Car

    Episode 6

    Kent The Elephant takes a roller coaster ride on these fun amazing rollercoaster filled with lot’s of fun. Every ride teaches a fun color, so come kids join us in this fun learning video.

  • Kent the Elephant - Learn Colors With Cake

    Episode 7

    It's Mumu's birthday party but he is sad, Kent & Tim have planned a birthday surprise for him, they are going to bake some yummy cake and decorate with balloons doesn't that sound fun? So come join them.

  • Kent The Elephant - Counting Sea Animals With Kent

    Episode 8

    Learning numbers is so much fun! and Today Kent is out on a sea adventure! Come lets dive deep into the sea and learn numbers with kent in this fun learning video by Kent The Elephant