Kent The Elephant #Shorts

Kent The Elephant #Shorts

8 Episodes

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Kent The Elephant #Shorts
  • Johny Johny Yes Papa

    Episode 1

    Sweets things are everyone's favorite and eating sweets is so delicious. Johnny also loved sweets and he went to the kitchen hidingly to eat some sugar but when caught by his father he lied to him. Let us find out what Johnny's father tells him after he catches Johnny having sugar.

  • Vroom Vroom Car Song

    Episode 2

    "Strap on your seatbelt, start your engines, and get set ready for a fun car ride with Kent, The Elephant! Vroom Vroom Vroom! Make way for Kent's new shiny car that goes all around the city! Sing out loud and join us!"

  • Morning Routine With Kent

    Episode 3

    Let's explore a day in the life of our cute Kent as he gets ready for school. Watch him brush his teeth, have a bath, and eat breakfast. Imitate and learn good habits with Kent in this fun educational video.

  • Wheels On The Bus

    Episode 4

    Hey Kids! Kent The Elephant is out for another adventure on his bus, sing along to Kent on Wheels on the bus go round and round while painting this bus painted with amazing colors!

  • Yes Yes Smoothie Song

    Episode 5

    Fruits are so delicious! But smoothies are yummier. So come sing along with Kent & Luke as they make delicious yummy smoothies made out of fresh fruits! Doesn't that sound yummy? Keep watching!

  • The Sport Song

    Episode 6

    Sing along to the Sports Song with Kent and Tim as they play different types of sports. Watch the Kent the elephant rhymes and kids videos for kids for great home school learning.

  • Would you like to Eat an Egg - Kent The Elephant

    Episode 7

    Would you like to eat an egg? We'll kids, kent loves eggs in his breakfast. They are filled with protein and are so healthy! Join Kent in this yummy song 'Would you like to eat an egg'!

  • The Fruit Song

    Episode 8

    Kent is in a magical fruit garden and is inviting everyone to explore the magical garden of fruits. Let's sing along to the Fruit song by Kent The Elephant.