Kent's Classroom

Kent's Classroom

9 Episodes

Learning becomes all the more fun when your favorite character is learning with you. Curious Kent is all set to learn all about Professions, Colors, Shapes, and Fruits! Don't you want to join him and get smart? Let's get started!

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Kent's Classroom
  • Kent The Elephant - Kent - Fruits & Vegetables

    Episode 1

    Kent the Elephant is a contestant in a Quiz Show. He has been given a task to separate the jumbled fruits and vegetables. Do you want to help Kent to solve the jumble, Come along and watch this video to help Kent to solve the jumble?

  • Kent The Elephant - Learn Colors With Chrismas Finger Family

    Episode 2

    learn colors with Chrismas Finger Family by Elphie And Friends

  • Kent The Elephant - Sorry Thank You With Pego And Piggy

    Episode 3

    Sorry Thank You With Pego and Piggy

  • Kent The Elephant - Who Am I Guess The Profession

    Episode 4

    Do you know what you want to be when you're a grown-up? And what are the costumes, and the vehicles of those professions? Join Kent as he explores and learns all the professions in this super fun video.

  • Kent The Elephant - Kent Builds A Bus With Shapes

    Episode 5

    Kent is here to teach you all lovely kids about different types of shapes, and a fun way how you can build a bus with these lovely shapes.

  • Kent The Elephant - Kent's Quiz Show

    Episode 6

    Kent organizes a Quiz Show and his friends Tim and Luke are participants in it. Let us watch the video to see who guesses the right answers to the questions in the quiz show and wins the competition.

  • Kent the Elephant - Stargazing With Kent And Luke

    Episode 7

    Luke and Kent are laying in the garden in the night below the sky filled with twinkling stars. They look at the stars and sing the vehicle song. Let us learn about different vehicles from Luke and Kent.

  • Kent the Elephant - Learn Fruits with Kent's Magic Pencil

    Episode 8

    Kent the Elephant finds a treasure map and reaches the treasure island in a boat. He finds a magic pencil with which he can fulfill the clues given to him to reach the treasure. Let us find out how Kent reaches the treasure.

  • Kent the Elephant - Kent Share Gift Toys

    Episode 9

    Kent has got his quest for the day and today his quest is something he loves to do. He has to play with his friends Tim, Pego, and Luke and he is all excited about it. Let us see how he plays with his friends.