Kindle your child's curiosity with our fun and educational science videos. We have various experiments, facts and a lot of trivia for all kids.

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  • Science Of Volcano

    How is a Volcano Formed? Why does it Erupt? All these questions answered by our very own Matt from HooplaKidz Lab.

  • The New Space Race

    The First Man to ever go to Outer Space was Yuri Gagarin. After that, all countries and space organizations have been racing to go to Space and Planets in search of new life and sustainability. Watch this video to find out what is currently happening in the field of Space Research.

  • How Deep Is The Ocean?

  • Mammoths

    Elephants come from a huge family of much bigger similar-looking creatures called 'Mammoths' that went extinct many of years ago. Watch this video to find out what caused them to go Extinct, How they survived the Ice-Age or how are they different from any other living creatures that exist in toda...

  • Carbon Dating

    Do you know the Age of that huge tree in your neighborhood? Or that strange rock that you found in your backyard? Well, Carbon Dating will tell you precisely the age, where and how was it formed.

  • What Came First? Chicken or The Egg?

    We always had a Question Which Came First The Chicken or The Egg? As it is a highly argued question where the opinion is pretty divided.

  • Top 10 Fastest Things

    All of us want to run as fast as we can, but alas, we can only run a speed that our body can allow! However, there are some animals and manmade things that will take you by surprise with their speed. Are you ready to get to know them?

  • The Science Of Snow

    Snow is wonderful! Don't you agree? But do you know how does it occur? There is a whole science to it. Learn all about it and the fun things you can do while it is snowing!

  • If Dinosaurs Were Alive

    What if the huge dinosaurs were still alive? Would they live a life like humans? Would they survive? Earn money and do all things like us? Let's imagine this world together in this fun video!

  • Glowing Geyser Experiment

    Have you ever tried making a glowing geyser all by yourself? Well, it isn't that difficult or complicated as it sounds! We are going to guide you through this fun process step by step! So let's get started.

  • Jet Powered Boat Science Experiment

    Do you want to make a Jet Powered Boat at home in your own bath? It's simple and at the same time awesome. Get dazzled as baking soda and vinegar react to create carbon dioxide which makes the Jet Powered Boat work!

  • Plastic Bottles Life Hacks

    All of us have plastic bottles, which we end up discarding! But did you think you could make beautiful things from it? Watch our video to know all that you can and get started!

  • Do Plants Sleep?

    Sleep in an important habit that needs to be followed daily! But do you think plants sleep too? How does their system grow? You'll find out all about it in this video.

  • The Science Of Plasma Ball

  • An Earth Without Gravity

    Sir Isaac Newton introduced us to the massive gravity that is active on earth! Have you thought about what life would be had we not had gravity on Earth? How would it affect our lives? Could we still live in the houses? Would the human system get disrupted? So many questions! Watch the video and ...

  • Evolution

    Everything living evolves, however, each system varies! Watch our video to understand the evolution of the science of various different living things and all about the revolution!

  • Magnetic Earth

    Did you know that Earth's magnetic spot changes every couple million years? Which means the North would be South and South would be North! Sounds interesting and crazy at the same time right? Let's learn more about it in this video.

  • Top 10 Smartest Animals

    Animals are cute and fun, but do not underestimate them to not be smart! They are super intelligent, and that can take you by surprise! Find out all about the top 10 smartest animals and be a smart cookie in your class!

  • World Full Of Robots

    Do you know how much our world has progressed by bringing in Robots and eliminating human involvement? How different are they from humans? Some even look and behave like their creators, interesting right? Watch this video to learn more!

  • If The Earth Was Double In Size?

    Think about it, more water, more land, more gravity! Can you guess how much that would affect the masses? Watch more to find out!