21 Seasons

HooplaKidz is a treasure box of your favorite characters. Every track will unfold new adventures and interesting details about animals, numbers and more, that you can learn and have fun with! Are you ready?

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  • The Wheels On The Bus - Riding With Professionals

    Episode 1

    What would you like to be when you grow older? On this fun bus journey, Annie and Ben take us through the different professions and we get to learn all about them! So hop on and get singing and guess if your favorite professional is on the bus!

  • Five Cute Fruits Jumping On The Bed

    Episode 2

    You already know how healthy fruits are. But did you know how naughty they are as well? Here's a nursery rhyme, as old as time, teaching you all about fruits and colors. Shall we sing the song for you? If you know the lyrics, sing along!

  • Tick Tick Numbers Song

    Episode 3

    Do you know your numbers well? You will now, when Annie will teach you in this fun song, where you can sing and dance along too! And we bet, you'll never forget numbers! So, let's get started?

  • Wash Your Hands - Annie & Ben

    Episode 4

    Kids do you know why we must wash our hands before a meal and after playing in the park? Annie, Ben and Mango tell us why with this fun song about the importance of clean and healthy hands!!

  • Yes Yes Vegetables

    Episode 5

    Mango is in search for a yummy snack when he comes across some healthy and tasty vegetables and is immediately content! Let's Join him and sing along to the Yes Yes Vegetable Song!

  • The Missing Animals Face Song

    Episode 6

    A lion with an elephant's trunk?! that's not right! Let's help these animals get back to their original form in this fun jungle song with Annie, Ben, and Mango.

  • Learn Animal Sounds

    Episode 7

    Let's visit Old MacDonald's farm and spend a fun filled day with the animals and learn what sounds animals make! Aren't you excited? So come sing along in this fun learning song by Annie & Ben!

  • Fish Is The Queen Of The Sea

    Episode 8

    Hey Kids! are you ready for a fun underwater party. HooplaKidz brings you a splashy new song! Meet the famous Fish Queen and her underwater friends.

  • The Planets Song

    Episode 9

    Do you know which planet is blue and which one red? Let's find out all about the 8 planets in our Solar System while we take a tour of outer space in this fun Planet Song!

  • Vehicle Song

    Episode 10

    Annie, Ben and Mango are on the road, exploring the interesting sounds of different vehicles - bus, car, air plane, truck, train and an ambulance! Aren't you curious to know what they sound like too? Hit play and learn all about it this fun kids nursery rhyme by HooplaKidz.

  • Sister Song

    Episode 11

    Want to remember the sweet moments you have spent with your sister, come and relive the moments with the sister song. These two sisters are so close and have so much love among them, it will surely make you remember your sister.

  • Bunny Hop

    Episode 12

    Little Bunny Hop dances through the day and he's got some really great moves too! His audience loves him, we know you will too! Watch this fun nursery rhyme for kids by HooplaKidz and join him groove to the drums and guitar, playing it all like a super star! Hit play now!

  • Ten Little Puppy Dogs

    Episode 13

    The Best way to learn and remember your numbers is with the cutest little puppies! Come sing along and spend a fun and exciting day with the Ten Little Puppies!!

  • Would You Like To Eat An Egg

    Episode 14

    Hey Kids, would You Like To Eat An Egg or a yummy slice of pizza? Come join your friends Annie, Ben and Mango and make our favorite snacks and sing and dance to this fun song!!

  • Cat Finger Family

    Episode 15

    Meow! Cute Cats are here!!! Meow along to the Cutest ever CAT Finger Family Song along with many more Nursery Rhymes, a great mix of Finger Family for Children by HooplaKidz!