21 Seasons

HooplaKidz is a treasure box of your favorite characters. Every track will unfold new adventures and interesting details about animals, numbers and more, that you can learn and have fun with! Are you ready?

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  • Move It Like The Animals

    Episode 1

    Annie Ben and Mango open a magical book filled with animals! Join them on an adventure where they run, hop, skip, jump and move it like the animals! Let's sing and dance along this wonderful enchanted song with all your favorite friends!

  • What's In Your Sandwich

    Episode 2

    What is the perfect snack for a picnic? That's Right! Sandwiches!!! Annie has a basket full of sandwiches and her friends want to know - What's in the Sandwich!? Watch the fun song as you sing along to this original cool sandwich song!

  • Down By The Bay - Annie & Ben

    Episode 3

    Down by the bay, Annie, Ben and Mango notice something weird, a duck going moo moo? That's not right! Let's help them find the right animal sounds and let's sing along to the fun song, Down By The Bay!

  • One Red Shark - HooplaKidz

    Episode 4

    The Sea is full of Sharks and fun surprises! Join us in this exciting song as we explore the underwater world and learn all about colors! Are you ready?

  • Mr. Potato

    Episode 5

    Mr. Potato! Mr. Potato! Tell me where you go? Hey Kids, do you want to find Mr. Potato and see what he's been up to? Come along and sing and dance to these whistling tunes!

  • I Had A Little Turtle

    Episode 6

    Annie, Ben and Mango have a small pet turtle and his name is Tiny Tim, uh oh, but why are bubbles coming out of his mouth? He's a mischievous little fellow and they want your help to take care of him. Join them now and have a fun time playing with little Tiny Tim.

  • Bath Song

    Episode 7

    It’s bath time! And baby Mango is ready to splish splash in the bathtub! A Sing along bath time song for your toddler to have a great enjoyable bath to get all sparkly and clean with a positive attitude for bath in a rhyme yes bath time song by Hooplakidz

  • Five Senses

    Episode 8

    Do you know what our five senses are? They are such a precious gift! Let's find out all about them and experience a beautiful day with Annie and her cute friends!

  • Five Little Buses Jumping On The Road

    Episode 9

    Five colorful buses jumping on the road! While enjoying the rhythmic music the buses start bumping their heads. The Tractor Doctor strictly says "No more buses jumping on the road”, but that won’t stop us from jumping to this tune!

  • Colorful Dinosaur Song

    Episode 10

    Here comes a family of amazing colored dinosaurs! Can you name all the cool dinosaurs in this song? Groove & sing along to this quriky Dino song by Annie and Ben

  • Balloon Finger Family

    Episode 11

    Kids do you know about the Balloon Finger Family? They’re a Finger Family that likes to be in the air filled with fun and bounce. Now isn’t that how playful we all want to be? So join HooplaKidz and its colorful Ballon Finger Family playing and dancing away.

  • The Rainbow Colors Song

    Episode 12

    Let's learn the colors of the rainbow! There are so many colors everywhere! This is an original kids song about the different rainbow colors, and learning colors in a fun way. Can you name all the colors? Do we know how many colors a rainbow has? Well Kids let's find out.

  • A Sailor Went To Sea

    Episode 13

    When the sailor when to the sea, did you know what did he see? The deep blue sea, the numerous fishes and so much. more! Join him on his fun and exciting journey on his boat in this kids song by HooplaKidz.

  • Gummy Bear Finger Family

    Episode 14

    Have you met the fun Gummy Bear Finger Family? Here's your chance to meet all of them and while at it, don't forget to sing along to this fun song.

  • Be Kind

    Episode 15

    Be kind to everyone is a super fun learning song about being nice to everyone you meet! Sing along with Annie & Ben to this lovely song and let's remember in a world where you can be anything, be kind!

  • Rock A Bye Baby

    Episode 16

    Rock your little ones to sleep with this beautiful and classic lullaby. The music will take the little one into their coziest and happiest dreams as soon as you hit play! Listen to this soothing nursery rhyme for toddlers by HooplaKidz.