21 Seasons

HooplaKidz is a treasure box of your favorite characters. Every track will unfold new adventures and interesting details about animals, numbers and more, that you can learn and have fun with! Are you ready?

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  • It's Good To Play At Home

    Episode 1

    Annie, Ben and Mango show us how being at home can be so much fun! We can play indoor games, bake and watch our favorite cartoon shows! Doesn't it all sound like so much fun? Come sing along to It's Good To Play Indoors Song and have a great time singing at dancing at home!

  • Bath Song (Featuring Mango)

    Episode 2

    It’s bath time! Mango is ready to splish splash in the bathtub! So come Sing along with the bath time song and get ready for a great enjoyable bath to get all sparkly clean!!

  • Sleepy Little Froggies

    Episode 3

    Have you met these super cute sleepy frogs who can sing too? Hit play and join them sing this fun and peppy song!

  • Wheels On The Bus With The Adventure Gang

    Episode 4

    Join Annie, Ben and Mango go on a fun journey amidst the snow, in their favorite bus, that is driven by Mango. They have a special friend along with them, and they're singing the popular Wheels on the Bus! Sounds fun, right?

  • King Elephant

    Episode 5

    King Elephant is huge, loves to dance and sing and is so very cute. As he steps out of his castle flashing a bright smile, everyone falls in love with him. So come along, and together let's celebrate the King Elephant!

  • The Car Song

    Episode 6

    Drive along with Annie, Ben and Mango in their supercool car, as they explore their fun city and sing this peppy Car Song! So, put on your seat belts, and let's begin!

  • New Friends At Halloween

    Episode 7

    It's time to trick or treat with Annie & Ben but with a twist! We may run into some real monsters who just want some yummy candy! So let's find out how this fun night of adventures turns out in this song New Friends At Halloween!

  • Five Little Speckled Frogs (Remix)

    Episode 8

    It's a beautiful day to spend with the 5 speckled frogs as they eat delicious bugs, jump in the pool and teach us how to count with them. So quick, hit play and let's get counting!

  • The Happy Song

    Episode 9

    Happiness is in sharing and helping your friends, happiness is also around us!! Come let's spread some smiles and sing along to this sweet song with your favorite friends Annie, Ben and Mango!!

  • Duck Finger Family (Hip Hop Style)

    Episode 10

    Daddy Duck! Daddy Duck! Where are you? Listen to the Duck finger family, and dance to these awesome foot tapping beats along with these fun little ducks. They sure know how to have a good time!

  • Panda Finger Family

    Episode 11

    Are you babies ready to welcome the newest addition to our finger family collection? Say hello to our guests from China, the Panda finger family! These balls of fur are absolutely adorable and fun to play with. They cant wait to join in the fun at playtime. Jumping, singing, dancing, they love to...

  • One Pink Squid

    Episode 12

    In this underwater adventure we meet some cool underwater animals like squids, sharks, crabs and many more!! Come join Annie & Ben while we learn numbers in this fun underwater song!

  • Healthy Vegetables Finger Family Song

    Episode 13

    Don't you love vegetables? Go along on a fun walk in the park with Annie and Ben, sing along to the finger family song and find some yummy and healthy vegetables!

  • Bear Finger Family

    Episode 14

    We all have a favorite fluffy playmate who stays with us all day! Here’s our favorite Teddy Bear Finger Family, and they want to play, dance and sing with you all too. So snuggle in and tap your feet to the Finger Family beats.

  • The Grand Old Duke Of York

    Episode 15

    One of the oldest kids song 'The Grand Old Duke of York' is a track you'll want your little one to grow up listening! Hit play and sing along to this song by HooplaKidz as the Grand Old Duke of York marches his army of 10,000 men up and down the hill!

  • Farm Animals Finger Family

    Episode 16

    Do you know what animals we have at the farm? And where we find them? This finger family helps us find the cow, the pig and many more. So let's not wait and run over to the farm!