Halloween Special Season 8

Halloween Special Season 8

Get ready for fun, spooky and musical adventures with your favorite characters in our Halloween Special Season 8. Explore everything from a haunted house, to a Ghost Camp

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Halloween Special Season 8
  • Ghost Camp

    Elly and Eva are at a Ghost Camp where they meet cute Ghosts, eat cookies and do many more fun activities. Don't you want to join them? Hit play!

  • Haunted House

    "Elly and Eva are out to explore a haunted house on a Halloween night. While they're at it, they meet fun characters. Aren't you curious who these characters are? Let's find out!

  • Pumpkin Finger Family

    Get ready to explore the spooky world of Halloween with Len and Mini at Teehee Town. Meet five pumpkins as a Monster, Mummy, Witch, Vampire, and a Ghost! Sounds exciting right?

  • Have You Ever Seen A Flying Mummy

    Len and Mini are enjoying their Halloween watching something spooky on their Television. But soon, they have some visitors! Can you guess who these visitors are and why is Len so scared of them? Let's find out!

  • Skeleton Family At Dinner

    Len and Mini are exploring their town at night when they spot a Skeleton finger family preparing for Dinner! Sound thrilling right? Don't you want to join them?