Halloween Special

Halloween Special

It's Halloween and your favorite characters are here again, exploring their spooky towns, and giving you a scary and jaw-dropping experience with songs that are going to be more than just fun! This Halloween, hop on and get ready to embark on a spooky ride for a super exciting time with Annie, Ben, Mango, Len, Mini, Elly and Eva! We bet you're in for one of your best Halloweens!

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Halloween Special
  • Monster- Halloween Cartoon For Kids

    Watch Annie, Ben And Mango meet Frankenstein, a Yeti and much more scary Halloween characters in this Halloween episode collection.

  • Halloween Song

    Watch The Halloween Song By KidsCamp

  • Halloween Finger Family

    Watch Halloween Finger Family by HooplaKidz TV

  • Halloween Party Om Nom

  • Hoopla Halloween

  • Transylvania - Halloween Cartoon For Kids

    Guess where Annie, Ben, and Mango are on Halloween night? Transylvania! The birth place of horror! Children will enjoy watching this Halloween Special episode collection.

  • Spooky Delights

  • The Ghost Ship

    Annie, Ben and Mango help a cursed pirate captain pilot his ghost pirate ship out of a thick fog and into open waters.

  • Adventures In The Tropics

    Annie, Ben, and Mango are on an exciting adventure in the Tropics! Watch as they meet a Chupacabra in the Puerto Rican rain forest, find a newly-hatched green sea turtle unite with his family in Bali, help a lost cat find a home in Thailand flower market, and lots more!

  • Fantasies Come Alive

    Watch the 'The Adventures of Annie and Ben' to see your favorite Fantasies Come Alive! Meet the Ghost that lives and haunts the Chillingham Castle, spot a UFO and in the deserts of Los Vegas, help a Leprechauns find his pot of gold and more!

    The Adventures of Annie & Ben is a travel fantasy ...

  • Strawberry Ghosts

    Learn how to make delicious Strawberry Ghosts with this simple recipe, perfect easy dessert recipe for all occasions

  • Learn Colors With Monster Painting