Add some extra 'spooky' into your Halloween at home with this special collection of Halloween songs for kids. Featuring popular characters in fun and thrilling adventures, each song will unfold a whole new world of happiness and excitement. Are you ready?

  • Halloween Special Season 8

    5 items

    Get ready for fun, spooky and musical adventures with your favorite characters in our Halloween Special Season 8. Explore everything from a haunted house, to a Ghost Camp

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 1

    Kids it's a spooky Halloween Night! Get ready to sing and dance with the monsters, skeletons, zombies and many more creepy characters but try not to get too scared! Happy Hoopla Halloween!

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 2

    This Halloween, take a quick trip into the world of Dracula, Zombies, Monsters, and Skeletons with Hooplakidz. The special Halloween collection of songs for kids is created with a fresh spin - that unfolds a spooky side and gives you a fun and exciting experience with every story.

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 3

    The wait is over! It's Halloween.. and your favorite characters Annie, Ben, Mango, Len, Mini, Elly & Eva are out at midnight, to explore the spooky world as they sing popular Halloween songs! Find yourself a collection of Halloween songs with a fresh spin on every story, and join them as they em...

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 4

    This Halloween, explore the spooky side of your town along with your favorite characters Annie, Ben, Mango, Len, Mini, Elly, Eva, Luke, Kent, Mumu and Tim! And while you're at it, sing along to some fun Halloween songs, like Zombie had a little monster, Pumpkin Halloween, Boo Boo and many more! W...

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 5

    Are you ready to embark on a fun, spooky and a musical adventure this Halloween? Hoopla Halloween Part 5 has got you covered with peppy and some of the best Halloween songs like the Spooky Fair, We're out here on Halloween, If your Happy and You Know It, and many more, featuring your favorite cha...

  • Halloween Songs - All Seasons

    8 seasons

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    Celebrate the spirit of Halloween as you take a fun and spooky musical journey along with your favorite characters from HooplaKidz, Annie & Ben, All Babies Channel, KidsCamp and Teehee Town, in this spooktacul...

  • We are out here on Halloween

    It's time to trick or treat with Annie & Ben but with a twist! We may run into some real monsters who just want some yummy candy! So let's find out how this fun night of adventures turns out in this song New Friends At Halloween!

  • What Is So Amazing About A Haunted House? - Halloween Songs by Teehee Town

    What is so amazing about this haunted house? The crazy dancing skeletons or the looney witch? Come explore with Len and Mini and sing along to this fun spooky song by Teehee Town!

  • Rig a Jig Spooky

    Come along and walk down the street of the Spooky Ghost Town with Tim and Mumu on the tunes of the Rig-A-Jig Jig Halloween song bought to you exclusively by All Babies Channel!

  • Its Halloween

    It's time to dance with skeletons and it's time to scream today, because HALLOWEEN is finally here!! Come along with Len and Mini, sing and groove to the coolest halloween song by Teehee Town!

  • Halloween Songs - Season 6

    1 season

    This Halloween, join your favorite spooktacular characters on a fun journey! Watch our new song 'We're out here on Halloween' and more in Halloween Special Season 6, & add some thrill & chill to your Halloween at home.

  • Halloween Songs - Season 7

    1 season

    This year, Halloween at home will be super fun, we promise! Join your favorite characters at a spooky fair, where they make some new mysterious friends in our all-new Halloween Special Season 7. Watch now.

  • The Spooky Fair - From New HooplaKidz Halloween Album (Season 6)

    Annie and Ben go to the spooky fair only to be greeted by tons of monsters like ghosts, skeletons, and werewolves! Are the monsters friendly? Let's find out all they do in this fun and exciting spooky fair song!

  • All Babies Channel - Halloween Candy Treats

    Its Halloween ! And its time for treats ! Check out this new fun Candy Treat Song and you will be asking for more like Luke & Kent.

  • HooplaKidz - The Spider Finger Family

    They are colorful, they are fun and mischievous, aren't you excited to meet the cute spider family? Join them and sing along to your favorite finger family rhyme!

  • All Babies Channel - Zombie Had a little monster

    Once upon a time there live a zombie who had a little monster who followed his master where ever he would go! Check out this Halloween special song on the Zombie's green and slimy baby monster!