Halloween Season 1 - 5

Halloween Season 1 - 5

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Halloween Season 1 - 5
  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 1

    Kids it's a spooky Halloween Night! Get ready to sing and dance with the monsters, skeletons, zombies and many more creepy characters but try not to get too scared! Happy Hoopla Halloween!

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 2

    This Halloween, take a quick trip into the world of Dracula, Zombies, Monsters, and Skeletons with Hooplakidz. The special Halloween collection of songs for kids is created with a fresh spin - that unfolds a spooky side and gives you a fun and exciting experience with every story.

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 3

    The wait is over! It's Halloween.. and your favorite characters Annie, Ben, Mango, Len, Mini, Elly & Eva are out at midnight, to explore the spooky world as they sing popular Halloween songs! Find yourself a collection of Halloween songs with a fresh spin on every story, and join them as they em...

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 4

    This Halloween, explore the spooky side of your town along with your favorite characters Annie, Ben, Mango, Len, Mini, Elly, Eva, Luke, Kent, Mumu and Tim! And while you're at it, sing along to some fun Halloween songs, like Zombie had a little monster, Pumpkin Halloween, Boo Boo and many more! W...

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 5

    Are you ready to embark on a fun, spooky and a musical adventure this Halloween? Hoopla Halloween Part 5 has got you covered with peppy and some of the best Halloween songs like the Spooky Fair, We're out here on Halloween, If your Happy and You Know It, and many more, featuring your favorite cha...