• Let's Plat A Tree

    If we want to save our planet for the future and make our present pleasant too, planting trees is a must, so join Len and Mini, and let's plant a tree, for you and me!

  • Learn Body Parts With Snowman

    Om Nom and Om Nelle have a big white friend – Snowman. They play together and learn the names of body parts. How many arms do you have? And legs?

  • The Great Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunts help people develop new skills and strengthen and reinforce other skills such as leadership, communication, and problem solving. Our cute Kent is here to find the greatest treasure! Don't you want to help him? So come Join Kent only on Kent The Elephant.

  • Hush little baby

    Hush your little one to sleep with this soothing lullaby that'll quickly transport your babies to their favorite dreamland. Listen to this version of Hush Little Baby - a beautiful classic song by HooplaKidz.

  • Bath Song

    Staying clean is the most important way to stay healthy! And when you have so much fun while at it, it's even better! Join HooplaKidz in this fun Bath Song and enjoy as you sing along while you get all clean!