• I'm A Dinosaur

    2 seasons

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 6


    Are you ready to get spooked by a collection of Halloween Songs for kids, featuring your favorite Kent The Elephant, Elly, Eva, Len, and Mini? Meet our spooky Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Skeletons and experience the spirit of Halloween with Hoopla Halloween Part 6.

  • Hoopla Halloween - Part 7


    Embark on a spooktacular journey with your favorite characters as you sing along to some Halloween Songs for kids and explore the exciting haunted cities! Are you ready? Let's hit play!

  • Spooky Halloween Songs for Kids Vol. 1


    Are you ready for a fun filled Spooky adventure? Meet the Ghosts, Vampires, Zombies, Skeletons and more exciting creatures who have come out on a dark Halloween Night singing Spooky Halloween Songs for Kids featuring your favorite characters from Teehee Town, KidsCamp, All Babies Channel!

  • Hooplakidz #Shorts

    1 season

  • Favorite Kids Song Vol 1 to 4

    4 seasons

    Sing along to classic Nursery Rhymes, peppy popular songs, and fun originals for kids with Favorite Nursery Rhymes by KidsCamp, featuring our cute Elly and Eva! Are you ready to go on this exciting musical ride?

  • Canciones Infantiles por HooplaKidz Season 1 to 4

    4 seasons

    Te traemos una colección de canciones tradicionales y populares para niños en español, en este nuevo carrusel. ¡A cantar divertidas y melodiosas canciones infantiles!

  • Chiki Art - Drawing Fun

    13 seasons

    Chiki Art brings simple and colorful learn-to-draw videos for children of all ages, where they can use their hands, mind and imagination to discover the artist within them.