Christmas Special

Christmas Special

Humming and singing classic Christmas songs with family and friends is not just tradition, but entertaining too! Join your favorite characters Annie, Ben, Mango, Len, Mini, Elly and Eva while they travel around the city singing the best Christmas songs, making a snowman and more fun things in our special Christmas collection! Hit play and get started!

Christmas Special
  • Santa Was His Name O

    It's Christmas Time, the best time of the year, so come let's get in the festive spirit with this new song with Annie and Ben and man who loves Christmas!

  • 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts

    Hey Everyone! There are 12 days to Christmas! Let's watch this fun song and sing our way to Christmas. Join the Christmas spirit and hum the joyous Christmas Songs.

  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Christmas is incomplete without classic Christmas Carols! Here's a beautiful one featuring Annie, Ben and Mango on a beautiful snowy evening. Join them singing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'.

  • Christmas Do Do Do

    Kent, Tim, Luke and Mumu are decorating the Christmas Tree and awaiting for the Santa to arrive with their gifts as they sing along to this merry tune!

  • I Am A Little Snowman

    Kent and Tim are building a snowman this Christmas! Join them and sing the super simple, super cute, and super fun Christmas Song, 'I am a Little Snowman'.

  • Jingle Bells

    It's the most beautiful time of the year and Santa is here! He has presents for Len and Mini and is surely getting some for you too! So come along & sing to Jingle Bells and get in the festive spirit!

  • A Magical Christmas

    It's Christmas Eve and santa is here to distribute presents! Come let's sing Along with Annie & Ben to this sweet Christmas Song and get ready for the most magical time of the year!

  • Deck The Halls

    We bring you the ever-popular Deck of the Halls, lighting up your Christmas with a great tune. So start decorating your tree as you sing through the corridors and the decks and join the Christmas spirit!

  • Wake Up Santa

    It's Christmas Eve and Santa Claus has not woken up yet!! There are so many unfinished tasks to do, and so many presents to be delivered! Come join Mrs. Claus as she wakes up Santa and sing along to this fun Christmas song!

  • I Saw Three Ships

    It's the most beautiful time of the year and on Chrsitmas Day, Annie, Ben and Mango see three beautiful ships. Let's sing along to this sweet Christmas song and get in the festive spirit!

  • Up On The Housetop

    Sing 'Up on the Housetop' as the Snowmen sing and dance around the Christmas Tree in an excited way, adding to the festivities for Christmas! Won't you join them?

  • Christmas, It's Christmas

    Ho-Ho-Ho! It's Christmas time again!Let's lift our spirits on this magical night and sing along this beautiful song,'Christmas it's Christmas.

  • Hoopla Holidays - Christmas Songs for Kids Vol. 1

    Kick-start the holiday fever as you sing along to a fun collection of Christmas Songs with Hoopla Holidays - Christmas Songs for kids Vol. 1, featuring all your favorite characters. From classics like 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas' to fun originals like 'Christmas To Do Do', we have your Christ...

  • Hoopla Holidays - Christmas Songs for Kids Vol. 2

    Join your favorite characters as they paint the town red and green with Hoopla Holidays - Christmas Songs for kids Vol. 2. From classics like 'Jingle Bells' to fun songs like 'I'm a little Snowman', we promise you a peppy, exciting and musical Christmas! Are you ready?