Halloween Songs - All Seasons

Halloween Songs - All Seasons

8 Seasons

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Celebrate the spirit of Halloween as you take a fun and spooky musical journey along with your favorite characters from HooplaKidz, Annie & Ben, All Babies Channel, KidsCamp and Teehee Town, in this spooktacular collection of Halloween songs, for all you kids!

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Halloween Songs - All Seasons
  • All Babies Channel - Halloween Candy Treats

    Episode 1

    Its Halloween ! And its time for treats ! Check out this new fun Candy Treat Song and you will be asking for more like Luke & Kent.

  • All Babies Channel - Spooky Fair

    Episode 2

    Are you ready for a fun-filled adventure? Let's visit the Spooky Halloween Fair where you will meet funny goblins and draculas! Sing along to your favorite characters only on All Babies Channel.

  • All Babies Channel - New Friends at Halloween

    Episode 3

    Kent, Tim, and Luke explore the scary town on the day of Halloween. They come across a few spooky people, let us find out about the friends they make this Halloween.

  • All Babies Channel - Spooky Finger Family

    Episode 4

    This Halloween season watch the spooky finger family song with Kent, Luke, Tim, and Moomoo. Look at how they go to different places and get scared by the scary monsters.

  • All Babies Channel - Hickory Dickory Dock

    Episode 5

    Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Oh no! The cheese is stuck at the top of the clock, and a goofy mouse can't get it down! It is time for Hickory Dickory Dock! Ready? Then, sing along!

  • Rig a Jig Spooky

    Episode 6

    Come along and walk down the street of the Spooky Ghost Town with Tim and Mumu on the tunes of the Rig-A-Jig Jig Halloween song bought to you exclusively by All Babies Channel!

  • All Babies Channel - Spooky Down By The Bay

    Episode 7

    Luke and Kent have an encounter with a little girl and go along with her on a midnight adventure to find out where she lives. On their way, they meet lots of other interesting creatures. What they find out at the end of the night will leave you shocked!

  • All Babies Channel - 5 Skeletons Went Out One Day

    Episode 8

    Five Skeletons walked one night, over the graveyard and far from the sight, Where they met different monsters but where were they heading? Let's find out in this fun song for kids!

  • All Babies Channel - Zombie Had a little Monster

    Episode 9

    Once upon a time there live a zombie who had a little monster who followed his master where ever he would go! Check out this Halloween special song on the Zombie's green and slimy baby monster!

  • All Babies Channel -Johny Johny Halloween

    Episode 10

    What's spookier than a baby zombie who loves to nibble on the tasty sweets and chocolates? Don't you want to have some too? So join us and sing along to this fun Halloween song by All Babies Channel!

  • All Babies Channel - Are You Sleeping Vampire

    Episode 11

    The vampire is about to wake up from his long sleep. But wait, are you ready to sing and dance to the spooky tunes with this vampire when he wakes up?