Halloween Songs - All Seasons

Halloween Songs - All Seasons

8 Seasons

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Celebrate the spirit of Halloween as you take a fun and spooky musical journey along with your favorite characters from HooplaKidz, Annie & Ben, All Babies Channel, KidsCamp and Teehee Town, in this spooktacular collection of Halloween songs, for all you kids!

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Halloween Songs - All Seasons
  • HooplaKidz - Wheels on the bus

    Episode 1

    Are you brave enough to go on a ride on this bus full of spooky characters? if yes then start singing along and brace yourself for a bumpy ride.

  • All Babies Channel - Five spooky monsters

    Episode 2

    Who's hiding under Mumu's Bed? Five Spooky Monsters!!! Wait, till Luke finds out about them!! Halloween just got spookier and more fun than it ever was, kids!

  • Teehee Town - Five crazy skeletons in the middle of the night

    Episode 3

    Five skeletons woke up in the middle of the night and then couldn't stop dancing!! Join Len and Mini on the funny skeletons midnight adventure and sing along to this looney Song!

  • HooplaKidz - As I was walking spooky

    Episode 4

    It's a spooky night and Annie, Ben and Mango decide to take a walk on the creeoy street! Let's check out which all monsters and witches they encounter on this spooky endaevour

  • Teehee Town - If you are happy and you know it Halloween

    Episode 5

    Have you every seen Vampires do a happy dance? You now can! Join spooky skeletons, vampires, spiders and more do spooky things when they are happy in this fun Halloween kids song by Teehee Town.

  • Teehee Town - Down by the bay

    Episode 6

    Len and Mini have an encounter with a little girl and go along with her on a midnight adventure to find out where she lives. On their way they meet lots of other interesting creatures. What they find out at the end of the night will leave you shocked! Hurry up and watch to find out all they did i...

  • Teehee Town - Where is the monster

    Episode 7

    Len wakes up from his sleep to see a Monster at his door. As he tells Mini about it, she is super curious and walks with him around to look for the Monster. But looks like Len can see more than just a Monster. He can see a Skeleton, Vampire, Witch and what not! Is this a prank? Because Mini can't...

  • KidsCamp - This is the way spooky

    Episode 8

    Join Elly on a dark and spooky night with a little zombie, doing her routine like brushing the teeth and coming her hair and wearing her Halloween cape. 'This Is The Way' by Kids Camp is just what you need on a fun spooky night!

  • All Babies Channel - Boo Boo

    Episode 9

    Boo Boo! Who is this Who? A ghost! A ghoul? Or a Black Cat? Listen to this super spooky song and enjoy the party with the skeletons, vampires, zombies and more!