Halloween Songs - All Seasons

Halloween Songs - All Seasons

8 Seasons

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Celebrate the spirit of Halloween as you take a fun and spooky musical journey along with your favorite characters from HooplaKidz, Annie & Ben, All Babies Channel, KidsCamp and Teehee Town, in this spooktacular collection of Halloween songs, for all you kids!

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Halloween Songs - All Seasons
  • All Babies Channel - Row Row Spooky

    Episode 1

    Kent & Tim are having a great time paddling, But wait! Something is splashing away in the water! Can you guess what it is? Let’s find out by taking a paddle down the river with this fun spooky rhyme!

  • Teehee Town - Five Crazy Skeletons

    Episode 2

    Five crazy skeletons were dancing on the grave and one by one bumed their heads! The witch tried hard to keep them from dancing and kept calling the Zombie Doctor to fix them, but that annoyed the Doctor. What happened next? Hit play on this fun and spooky nursery rhyme for kids by Teehee Town to...

  • HooplaKidz - Five Funny Spiders

    Episode 3

    Five funny spiders love jumping on the web. But, they always end up jumping hard, breaking the web and bumping their heads! Their worried father has the doctor on speed dial, thus the Doctor gets annoyed very soon. Do they learn their lesson? Find out in this kids nursery rhyme by HooplaKidz.

  • HooplaKidz - Five Spooky Monsters

    Episode 4

    What would you do if we told you that there were spooky monsters under your bed? Annie, Ben and Mango are fast asleep, until Mango realises they have visitors under the bed, and they are monsters! He tries hard to convince Annie and Ben, but to no avail, until.... Watch what happens next on this ...

  • HooplaKidz - Chumbalaka

    Episode 5

    Annie, Ben and Mango are exploring their way into the Haunted Mansion and everytime the clock strikes, the skulls are upto something spooky! This fun kids song by HooplaKidz is just what you have been looking for, for Halloween! Hit play and join the skeletons do their little dance as they sing "...

  • HooplaKidz - Rocka Bye Baby Halloween Song

    Episode 6

    The coolest, creepiest, funniest, sweetest Lullaby is here!!! Meet Vlad, the Vampire and super cute baby and sing along the Rock a bye Baby Song,a halloween special nursery rhyme, this Halloween!

  • Teehee Town - Head shoulders knees toes

    Episode 7

    Len and Mini are always up to the funniest adventure, this time they are here to dance with the skeletons! Watch the funniest skeletons ever dance to the most loved Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, dance along with them as you learn colors and the different body parts!

  • Teehee Town - This is the way we brush our teeth midnight routine

    Episode 8

    The Skeletons have their own way and time to do their daily routine! Watch them brush their teeth, wash their hair, exercise and more as Len and Mini watch them. Join them in this fun kids song - This is the way we brush our teeth by Teehee Town.

  • Teehee Town- Wheels On The Bus Haunted

    Episode 9

    It's movie night for Len and Mini from Teehee Town! Can you guess what are they watching? It's your favourite song 'Wheels on the Bus', only this time, it is a horror one! So, are you ready for a creepy ride around the town with witches and zombies! They are spooked out, and decide to turn the mo...

  • All Babies Channel - Chumbalaca Chumbala

    Episode 10

    This Halloween, Let Mumu And Elphie Take You Around The Spooky Town, With Skulls That Dance Chumbala Cachumbala As The Clock Strikes Every Hour! Are They Scared? Or Do They Dance Along?