Adventures of Kent The Elephant

Adventures of Kent The Elephant

6 Episodes

Kent is always up for an adventure! Join him as he explores and learns all things new in a fun, interesting and innovative manner! Let's get started!

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Adventures of Kent The Elephant
  • All Babies Channel - Passing The Parcel

    Episode 1

    Kent, Tim, Monday, Luke and Mumu decide on playing the game called Passing the Parcel. Where they have to sit in a circle and pass a chit around the circle till the music is playing. Once the music stops, the person in whose hand the chit is, opens it. The chit will have the photo of a Fruit/Vege...

  • All Babies Channel - Trip To Candy

    Episode 2

    Kent plans a trip to Candy Land along with his friends Tim, Monday, Luke and Mumu. They travel in different vehicles and finally reach Candy Land. Let us learn about different vehicles with them.

  • Kent the Elephant - Clean Your Room Quest

    Episode 3

    Kent The Elephant has a new quest for the day. He has to clean his room and Kent wakes up and gets to the quest quickly. Let us find out how does Kent cleans his room.

  • Kent The Elephant - Kent Collecting Banana

    Episode 4

    Kent the Elephant has another quest he has to solve. Today he has to find the Golden Banana and this quest is not simple. He has to pass through the enchanted tree, the wall of shapes, the magical rock. Let us watch and find out if Kent is able to pass through these places and get the Golden Banana.

  • Kent the Elephant - Kent Finds Banana

    Episode 5

    This is yet another morning for Kent where a little birdy rings the doorbell and leaves the quest for the day for him to solve. This time Kent is supposed to Find a Banana. Let us watch this video to see if Kent is able to complete his quest for the day.  

  • Letter A Story and Song

    Episode 6